Qualifier 105 handling of catch

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by Toro-X, Aug 3, 2010.

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  1. Toro-X

    Can you tell me if the Q105 uses the RSW or are the fish being frozen in brine? I saw a video of a trip and the fish eyes appear to be frozen.
  2. fishnazzi

    Yes they are........on 1-2 day trips some of the boats are simply chilling in rsw. Any longer most all are pulling down to freeze.
  3. afraser

    Well, on long trips, 10 day or so, first few fish are frozen. Last 5 days they are RSW'd, something like that. Otherwise, you get fish a week old.
  4. fish4cars

    You have your choice,Some want them frozen.I have a lot of friends that take thier fish up north in trucks.I always have my tuna in theRSW till it is full.
  5. fyermn

    The "Q" has the RSW and they can freeze the fish. As said earlier, on longer trips, the first fish are frozen, so will keep the entire length of the trip. After the first few days, you have the option of RSW or freezing for your fish. It's up to you!
  6. Toro-X

    Thank you all for chiming in and clarifying that. I will be going on a 6 day so I guess I will be utilizing the RSW.
  7. white box121

    yes they had rsw. on our 7 day, they bleed the fish as soon as it hits the deck and slide into the rsw. as you saw in the video, some of the fish had to be frozen because the rsw was full.
  8. fishgirl

    Almost all Long Range boats, up to 8 day trips, keep most of the fish RSW. It seems to be the norm to keep the fish fresh for passengers. If the trip is longer, some of the fish caught in the earlier part of the trip will be frozen to ensure longevity and quality when it arrives.
    Speaking of the Q105, I have seen their frozen fish turn out as beautifully as the fresh RSW! This is not typical of all boats. The Q105 has been doing something different lately that has made their frozen fish process out as perfect as the RSW.
    If you need to have your fish processed as soon as you arrive back from your trip, try to keep that fish in the RSW. If you are willing to wait a couple of days, it will not hurt to freeze the fish on the boat.
    But as I said before, most LR boats keep a well of RSW on all trips.
  9. afraser

    Just a little background as well, all sushi is and should be frozen before served, even the $100+/lb sushi. The only problem with freezing is the turn around time on processing as I believe they have to wait for the them to thaw. Otherwise freshly frozen fish would actually be better quality than 5 day RSW'd fish.

    However, I don't know if sushi processors wait for the fish to thaw, I believe they use bandsaws to cut the frozen fish and keep the fish frozen. They also use higher end freezers to keep the fish below -40 degrees C or F. So the whole frozen or RSW thing is really not a big deal.
  10. Lone Shark

    Yeah I agree with this stuff....I get a little nervous eating tuna that hasnt been frozen because when I was 15 or 16 I pinheaded on the amigo and ate some yft raw that I caught and pee'd out my butt fro the next two days. I still will eat unfrozen at times but will never forget those few days of misery