Qcove Break-Away Flashers

Discussion in 'Washington State' started by zmanszmail, Jul 8, 2010.

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  1. zmanszmail

    Ok, so I purchased two of these flashers earlier this year and I've fished both of them. Every time I fish them I get the feeling I have them rigged incorrectly. We've always used the protroll flashers with agitator fins and from what I've seen and heard they make the biggest circle, so I may be just second guessing my rigging for nothing. When we troll the Breakaways they don't seem to do a whole lot in the water.

    So my question is- What is the proper way to rig them? A photo would be nice if anyone has one.
    I believe I have followed the instructions that came with them to the T, but we've yet to catch a salmon on one this year...

  2. kingfisher1

    PM Flasher. He'll show you the way.
  3. Easytosee

    I had questions on it too... mine hardly ever seemed to actually break away, even on the bigger fish, but still maybe the fish just weren't big enough to pop the pin out. They come with pretty good instructions so I figured I had it rigged right it just would never release, and if it did it wouldn't come up the main line it would get snagged on the swivel that connnects the flasher to the main line.
  4. ratherbefishin

    Make sure you put a little smelly jelly on the pin before inserting it. It really makes a difference.

    And please remember not to set the pin too hard... The one comment I get about the pins not releasing usually comes down to the pin being forced into the hole too hard. A snug fit is all that is needed as the bead at the top takes all the forces from the line. The line below the bead is much "looser" than above it.

    As soon as I got on line I had a PM from Zman and we will be talking soon.

    If anyone ever has a question, please do not hesitate to call me, my cell phone is on my website. you can also PM me and I will respond as soon as I can.

    Thanks to everyone for your input also.

  6. Marlin Mike

    you da man flasher
  7. dragonballs

    I fished with these flashers in Neah bay (thanks Plumbwolf) I was so impressed the following week I was in Juneau I bought two set ups from the local tackle jockey and went fishing with one of my customers on his boat they smoked the kings in Juneau and caused a stir at the dock.. I recently used ken's aka FLASHER'S custom build program to design 20 awesome breakaways for my Nootka trip (leaving in 2 hours) I will be posting when I return. The key is the pin more is not better. :finger::finger::finger:

    when I return from nootka I will be selling off the old standard style flasher's and I think there is about 36 of them...

    Thanks again Ken for taking the time to build the custom flashers for me.. YOU THE MAN.......:2gunsfiring_v1:
  8. Easytosee

    I did the smelly gelly on the pin, and didn't think I pushed the pin in too hard but I guess I must have
  9. Bigger Fish


    Do I really have to use 60# leader? Or will it work with 30#?
  10. Tarwegian

    I just picked up 2 and have to wait until next weekend to use them... this one weekend a month sucks some times!! Thanks on the heads up with the pin
  11. Master Chief

    I have been running Jim's Breakaways for 3 years now. I run all my spoons on 25-30# leader, hoochie's on 40-50#. Never broke a fish off on either, even caught a 52# halibut during the Anacortes derby last year on 25# P-line Flouro with a Green Dragon in front of a white 4 1/2" hoochie. So 30# leader is not a problem with the Flashers.

    Chad L.
  12. fishnazzi

    John has a bunch of the flashers................I rig them with #20..........caught fish no problem.
  13. Camo

    I realize this is an old thread but I just fished the Qcove breakway today and the flasher didn't release on three strikes (yes I did the smelly jelly thing in the pin hole and didn't force the pin in tight). Am I missing something here or does the fish need to pull the crimp thing 11 inches (full length of the flasher) either via slack or drag to pop the release? It seems to me that there should be another crimp on the line much closer to the pin so that there doesn't need to be so much travel to release it. I hope this is making sense.
  14. Fishin' Luhrs

    We have been running 40lb fluorocarbon for both spoons 55inches, hootchies 42 inches, behind the Flashers. They have worked great.
  15. goatram

    The pin with a little jelly and Then inserted in the hole. Test them before you deploy them: hold the flasher and pull on the aft swivel should only take a couple of pounds force to release. They work great on my boat. I too used to set them to hard and now when I have someone new on the boat I show them how too.
  16. Fishinnut

    Come and ask him yourself this Thursday at PSA Sno-King at 6:30 where Ken is guest speaker.
    220 Railroad Ave
    Edmonds, Wa
    Food and Drink available.
  17. blackvelvet

    I only have had one time when the pin didn't pop out and I noticed I had pushed it in a little to far and also noticed I had the pin twisted so it was flat with the edge of the flasher.

    Yesterday I got 2 silvers, 5 lbs and 8 lbs and they both popped the pin. I just re- smelly jelly it often and don't push it in hard,and make sure it is out 90 degrees to the flasher. Here are 2 pics,first showing the pin wrong,2nd showing it the way I like to run them-90 degrees from the flat of the flasher.
  18. Slabby20

    I agree with everything Ted says above. Smelly Jelly, lightly inserted and 90 degree. Seems to release and work great almost everytime for us.
  19. DaveL

    OK, here is a question. Which side of the flasher do you rig the line? Does it make a difference?

    The pin assembly can be run on either side of the flasher. I have heard from some they think the flasher has more action on the A (more colorful) side of the flasher than the B side, but I have not noticed any difference in the hundreds of flashers I have ran over the years. Blackvelvet is right, if the line is pinched by the flasher, it will not allow the proper travel of the line through the pin and thus would not release it and may even twist up your line (according to one person who told me this happened to him). If it does not work, let me know and maybe we can get a cup of coffee and I will check out the flashers you have. I live just outside of Lake Stevens so I am close to you.

    Thanks for the support everyone!