Q105 10 day! bring it ON!!

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by vellocity, May 8, 2006.

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  1. vellocity

    just booked my dad and i on the Q105 10 day trip for late Nov!!!!

    talked to Brian Sims this morning, he sounds like he's ready to get the season started!
    RSW getting done right now and will be in effect !! Sashimi grade Tuna!!
    time to gp fishing on "the best fishing platform ever built" !!!!!!!!!
    well, that's what the old website used to say.. haha!!
    and i like the boat and Capt.

    might even book that BD Guadalupe trip in Sept. too!!
  2. Weazel

    Nice. I'm going on a 5-dayer in September on the Q. Can't wait!!
  3. Null&Void

    good for you nelzy....i love that boat! november is skinny season, so bring a live jigstick and start masturbating like madd at least 6 weeks before the trip to prepare for blender speed winding!!

    yeah baby YEAH!!!
  4. vellocity

    BOMBS and Sea Strike 33's away!!!!

    a couple of :cow: :cow: would be sweeet too!!!!
  5. Swazi

    Nice! Yep ono for sure!
  6. fyermn

    Nelz: Which trip in late November,31 or 32? If I can, I will try to make the trip. I sure enjoyed fishing with you and your Dad last November on the Q. As you say, THE BEST FISHING PLATFORM, and Brian Sims and the whole crew are great.
  7. popa_pescarul

    Ran into Brian at the docks last weekend. They're working on the boat and getting ready to start the season. RSW and lots of new carpet going in.
    I'm booked on the limited load 5-day trip 02sep-07sep. There's still a few openings available!
  8. jimm

    It is the best fishing platform ever built. You can be in the trough in seven foot seas and she dosent roll a bit. Solid platform without a doubt. With Brian on board and RSW, she will be a great boat to fish on.

  9. bertram31

    Hey Nelz, let me know what trip for sure. I would like to fly back with your dad and do the trip. Not sure if the trips are sold out but I still have Brians cell and maybe he could bump me around some on a stand by.