Q and A | Can You Share Limits on Party Boats?

Discussion in 'BD Outdoors News' started by BD STAFF, Jun 8, 2012.

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    If you catch your limit on a California sport boat can you legally give any extra fish to an angler who hasn't caught one? Can the crew share limits?

  2. Tar Pit

    My two cents on this.

    If you have your limit for the day put your rod away. Go in the galley and have lunch and a beer or three. This gives the others more room at the rail so they can become better anglers.
  3. junkyarded

    THis was brought up on another site and this is from DFG:
    Answer: If the angler was fishing on a commercial passenger fishing vessel, or party boat, and gave the fish to other anglers who had not filled their limits prior to exiting the boat, angler was not in violation. Regarding the crews limit, the captain was wrong. Passengers cannot legally catch fish under the limits allowed for the captain and crew. The captain and crew must keep their fish separate from fish caught by passengers.

    The regulation on this reads: The vessel operator(s) and crew members are not passengers and may not take fish towards obtaining boat limits for passengers except for casting, setting trolling gear, gaffing or netting fish, but may take fish during a fishing trip for their personal use only. Vessel operator(s) and crew members may assist passengers in other activities including, but not limited to, obtaining bait, chumming, baiting and untangling hooks and lines, identifying, dispatching, filleting, counting, bagging and otherwise handling fish taken by passengers. Upon completion of a fishing trip, the vessel operator(s) and crew members may only possess fish that are part of their own personal bag limit not to exceed authorized sport fishing daily bag and possession limits. (California Code of Regulations Title 14, Section 195 (e)(1)).
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  4. MikeyLikesIt

    if and when this occurs...

    WTF would be the point of broadcasting it on ANY website?