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Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by reellady, May 26, 2012.

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  1. reellady

    Surely gonna miss the 'Q', great memories and good times were a tradition there. Talked with Joe Crissy Friday and he says he has a few feelers out with a couple of boats, but he said be assured he will be fishing. John sent an email to Larry Brown saying he was going to refund monies to all of us that have already paid for our trips on the 'Q'.

    Thank you John Klein for all past experiences and good luck in future endeavors.

    The Q officially closed it's doors and went out of business Thursday........repairs needed for fuel tank and keel repairs around 300,000. Boat for sale on yachtworld reduced price 900,000.
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  2. calicopro

    I'm going to miss that rig too.

    I had a trip scheduled for the end of June, so I'm going through some serious pain right now.

    I guess I'll pour my trip money into my skiff once I get it :D
  3. 5150

    What happened to it?
  4. conchydong

    Very sad that this happened. The Q was the only LR boat I have fished on. Good Luck to Joe and the rest of the crew. Hope to fish with them on another boat someday.
  5. fyermn

    The Q was my Long Range boat. I had fished her for about 15 years or so. I will miss her.
  6. Fishybuzz

    Sorry to hear that.....I never did get to fish on her.....tough times for sure.
  7. fyermn

    5150; The Qualifier was an older LONG RANGE boat, and newer boats came on scene, with more modern conveniences and newer equipment, and their became more boats than anglers that could afford to go fishing. Supply and Demand, and the older boat lost out. Isn't it great, the economic times we live in today? Just remember the THIRD greatest lie-----I am from the Government, and I am here to help you!
  8. wils

    the government caused the damages to the boat? DAMN! thats pretty fckedup if its true.
  9. OIF VET

    Good luck John. I am sure that he will find some good work somewhere else.
  10. CMY SIX

    one post says "fuel tank and keel damage" my guess is when they hauled it out for the yearly inspection that part of the superstructure failed causing what some said, the owner said was "catrostrophic damage" that would mean that the boat would have to be cut and sectioned to access the damage and repair, on a boat of that age it may be that the only economical choice is to scrap the boat and start over, it's gointg to be very hard to sell also
  11. etwizard

    Hey John, sorry to hear the news. We've fished together for many years. I will always remember the good times. This is such bad news. I wish you the best. You are a class act and a real mentch.

    Best Regards
  12. afraser

    It sounds like most of the work to be done is labor, right? Why doesn't he partner up with a metalworking shop and go from there. I'm sure the metalworking shop workers would like to have the perk of going on trips at deep discounts.

    I personally don't know all of the economics of running these boats, but I can imagine there are a few ways to optimize the costs and revenues better. Anyone provide any insight to the costs?
  13. NaplesJohn

    Sad to hear that the Q may be no more. I feel lucky to have spent a couple years on that legendary boat. Fishy it was!

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  14. harddrive

    I started off on the LR fishing on the Q105. Did 4 10 dayers in a row on her. Last few years when we would head out on the other boats. We would always notice the Q105 tied up in it's usual sport.

    Good Luck John and I hope you figure a way to get her back in the water fishing.
  15. jiggyn

    Wow sad to see a great boat leave the scene, she was a great platform to fish off of.

    A true legend
  16. jayyyy

    The Q was the first long range boat to have all the features and amenities that made long range fishing so aw some. Below decks bait tanks, huge fuel capacity/range and extra wide beam with a low center of gravity. Rohr aircraft really knew what they were doing when they built the Q, sad a structural failure is cost prohibitive and has doomed the old gal.
  17. Sactotuna

    The age alone of the boat had nothing to do with it's becoming a casualty of competition. (I believe the RP is no spring chicken, correct me if I'm wrong though.)

    The economic times of today also has nothing to do with it. Businesses fail all the time, even when the economy is growing fast, and have since the inception of capitalism.

    The government had nothing to do with it. They did nothing to put one boat at a disadvantage relative to the others.

    The bottom line is well run businesses will survive and thrive no matter what . . . the best of intentions are not enough.

    At least I have photos and memories of my first 10 day so long ago on the 105.
  18. la vida

    Not the right word.............
    The cost of repair out weighed the value or the pocket of the owner.
    Really sucks I love that boat. Wish them all good fortune on there next
    chapters in life.
  19. free_gaff

    Sly Ol' Clifford :)
  20. Fishybuzz