Pyramid Round IV

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fly Fishing' started by TunaFvr, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. TunaFvr


    Warning lots of pictures, packed with information.

    Short story-We killed it. We fished an afternoon, two full days and three hours yesterday morning. Landed over 188 for the three of us with the biggest going 26in. and the average being 18 to 19 inchs.

    Here is the proof.

    Long story-
    My friends Jeff(hookup66) and his brother Dave have been wanting to go up to Pyramid for the last couple of years, and this week they, along with myself, made it up there for a few days of fishing. If you have been following my reports then you know that this year Pyramid has had great fishing so far, even with the influx of high water, and it is continueing to do so.

    Dave with a colorful Lahontan cutt.

    Dave and Jeff arrived on the 20th a couple of hours after myself. I pulled into south nets at approx. 13:00 to find alot of ladders and pontoon boats in the water.


    After suiting up, I headed out and got into line. On my first half attempt to straighten my line, a 20in. cutt slammed my wooly worm right at the ladder. Oh boy, this might be good......:)


    Dave and Jeff arrived and I suggested that they don't even deal with the crowd on the ladders and just get into the pontoons and fish any area where the ladder guys couldn't get to due to the high water. Within five minutes of being in the water these guys are hooking just as many or more than some of the other "old hats" that I have seen there before. I kept hearing phrases coming from the pontoons, "oh man, this is a big one", or "hey, get a picture of this one it got to be 22". I would just roll my eyes and yell to them "average". By the end of the first half day, they were starting to get the picture. This is not a normal lake. If you want to catch a big(10lbs.+) trout on the fly rod, there is probably not a better place to do it in the lower 48 states.


    The next day, we started early at south nets and it was slow. I landed seven fish by 13:00. Although one of them is the biggest of the trip, about 26in.

    Dave and Jeff decided to look at North Nets. They never came back. I got my butt in gear and scooted over there and none too soon. Cutthroats were coming by in huge schools in front of and behind the ladders. The fish were on midges, until about 17:00. At that time the cutts moved in and strapped the feed bag! It switched to the "wahoo" six inch strip and they were slamming the double wooly's almost every cast. Multiple triples for us. When these fish go on a binge, it is one of the most fun times trout fishing that I have experianced.


    The next day, April 22, found us starting at the north nets and not moveing our ladders the rest of the day. It had rained last night and it muddied the water so that you could only see into in about a foot. This only gave those fish more of a reason to bite! Although we didn't get the midge bite we were hoping for, the fish did turn on to the slow stripped beetle. This was my personnel best day on numbers this year, with 39 landed. In my opinion the muddied up water shut the midge bite down and you had to present a bigger, more contrasting target along with a slow pull giving the fish more time to find your fly.
    This fish was hooked right next to me by this gentleman, but unfortuantly was lost.:(:104167739 It was a Big One.:eyepoppin


    One of the guides from Reno fly shop, his clients were doing well on the indicators on the 21st.


    I didn't get his name, but this guy was hot, useing the slow strip and a chartruese and white beetle.

    Yesterday, April 23, the wind and swell came up, we each got a handful of fish at north nets. Checked out and was on the road by 10:30, pulled into the driveway in San Diego at 19:40(07:40 p.m.).:_shopping Nine and a half hours, five to Bishop and three and a half to the lake. This is only possible with good flowing traffic and dry roads.

    This was truly an epic trip with lots of storys to be told and memorys to reflect on.

    The fishing report ending the week of April 19th from Reno fly shop.
    Pyramid Lake
    Fly fishing remains outstanding at the lake. Fish are being caught from Warrior Point to Popcorn Rock on the West side of the lake. Twenty to thirty fish days are common for the everydayers right now and anglers have been really helping themselves out lately by staying in close to shore and not standing where the fish want to be. This has been very evident at the North Nets especially. Crystal Beetles in Chartreuse and White and Pink and White have been very effective.
  2. Mot's Sr.

    Wow, sounds like a fantastic time, great report and pictures man, thanks for the post:appl: :appl: :appl:
  3. Weazel

    Totally cool trip! Thanks for the pics. I'll have to visit that place in the future.

    Never been their just heard of it with only dry reports ,need to go thanks for the info.
  5. flygoddess

    Too many people! AHHHHH! But the fish are awesome.
  6. Mike Ward

    That is BAD ASS!!! I fished the kenai this weekend looking for some 30 in rainbows, but after 16 hrs of driving there and back we had nothing except a grat time of course. saw alot of hungy bears fresh out of hybernation. and were able to get a few grouse. One fish was caught on the river all weekend. Slow start seems to be the story this year. but awesome pics. nice to see somebody throwing flys on BD. Awesome report!!
  7. branman

    Looks like much fun. Thanks for the pics<a href=""><img height="1" width="1" alt="My Topsites List" src="" border="0" /> </a>
  8. Headshot

    Now thats one hell of a fish report! Looks bitchen!
    Thanks, Tim
  9. stucknreno

    That's Andy Burk in the second to last picture, he is a heck of a nice guy and a HUGELY famous fly tier. He runs the fly shop in Truckee during the summer, stop in and see him before you fish the Little Truckee River or even the big Truckee. These streams are challenging!

    Nice report!
  10. TunaFvr

    Holy sh!t, I didn't even recognize him. Damn it. I would have love to bend his ear. His clients were doing good. In all honesty, the only other group of guys that were consistantly in hooking up.
  11. stucknreno

    And Andy is about as unpretentious as they come, he would of rapped with you all day. He is such a wealth of information for our area.

    If I wasn't so slammed with school I would of come out and met with you guys, next time......let me know next time you are local and maybe we can hook up and fish the Truckee(s).
  12. Tight Lines HH

    Very Nice!
  13. TunaFvr

    We should be getting Jeff's version shortly. Where are you buddy?
  14. hookup66

    Great Report Bruce!

    We had a blast fishing Pyramid with you for the last few days.

    Here is my quick report.

    I had always wanted to fish that Lake but was intimidated by the whole ladder/shooting head deal that Pyramid is famous for.

    Once I had talked Bruce into going, my brother and I were looking forward to giving it a go. I'm glad we did. We had steady action for 2 and a half days on these beautiful fish.

    I'm use to catching much smaller trout, so I was stoked to be getting the kind of quality that we had. Fishing from a ladder is a blast! I never thought it could be that productive and fun.

    Luckily for us, Bruce had had been there a few times and made it easy for us to get into fish right away. He had the spots dialed in and also supplied us with a nice selection of his own hand tied fly's. The olive and black beetle worked great!

    Next time I'll be more prepared with my own flies.

    Anyway, I had a great time fishing with you and Dave. Looking forward to going again. November is looking good right now.

  15. TheShark

    I am stoked you guys had a great trip!

    You guys took a great bunch of pictures :)
  16. phish_slaying

    Wow...Those are some beautiful fish....Those cuts have great colors! Seems like it was crowded at times! Great Report like always. Keep them coming.
  17. Mamoo

    Why are there so many people at this lake? I understand the fish are big but what else attracts so many people to this lake?
  18. akuma

    Awesome trip! Man, those are awesome-looking trout!
  19. stucknreno

    It started getting REAL crowded after the article in Fly Fisherman magazine a few years ago and with all of the reports on bulletin boards everywhere what else would you expect???

    The Lahontans don't fight anything like a rainbow from Lake Davis or Eagle though......
  20. Mamoo

    Ok that makes sense. That really sucks though. Its too bad a ton of people are going there now. It must have been nice going there without the crowds.