PV trip and Dodo Carnage!

Discussion in 'Mainland Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by JoeDude, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. JoeDude

    First time down...fished 2 days w/ Lora. No tuna, but still an EPIC weekend. If you haven't read Josh's report on this...do it..it is INSANE! Anyways here are my pics:

    Ali and Co. getting ready for the hunt

    Green water and no life at The Rock...had a schoolie boil in back of the boat followed by a short strike but it didn't take...so we went in close to try and get some grouper...had some fast action on Jack Cravalle.

    Josh has found porpoise and was hooked up to tuna. As we were charging out to his numbers Lora spots this huge tree chunk. We get there....dodo everywhere...immediately hooked up. Lora is freaking out...we have a triple going...you can watch them fighting over the baits...my wife puts 2 on deck while I'm tugging it out with a big bull...

    Bull hits the deck.

    Prime Time shows up. Bendo instantly.

    My wife bendo. To the left of Josh you can see the tree.


    Day 2. Amy getting to know Lora. He is a cool guy. Again no life at The Rock.

    Ali, Josh and Lora spread out...everyone looking for signs of life. We start seeing lots of birds...and are now on a huge meatball. Big sail explodes on a bait. Lora thinks 150+... Uh, Lora...dude, I think I need the harness...

    Angry fish...just working me.

    Other than the sail we had a few nice marlin strikes but didn't stick anything. BUT watched lots of billfish jumping everywhere...which was cool. Finished back at The Rock and saw some jumpers. Watched Ali fly his kite for a bit but nada. Finished with a Mita sunset! Went to Hector's place, ate coconut dorado with the Prime Time crews and family, and just got silly drinking Anejo Bacardi and Coke's with Shrek.
  2. MikeyLikesIt

    Nice Pics!

    Great report, man!

    we saw you guys putting the hurt to the dodo's........we couldnt get them interested even tho they were flying out of the water everywhere...

    thats what we get for getting there "late"!
  3. Par

    Killer report and pics. Thanks dude.
  4. Ali Admin

    Great pics.

    It was nice meeting you guys.

    I bet your wife still has that big grin. SHe put the hurt on a few of those Dodo's.
  5. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Nice report & Pics, It was good meeting you and your smiling wife:)
  6. Gmoney!

    Is it just me or are we seeing a lot more marlin this time of year? Or at least more stripers...I dont recall so many of them caught last year, or maybe it was because the cows were keeping us busy??

  7. Saluki

    Awesome report and pix!!!!

  8. JoeDude

    Nice to meet you guys too. She was pretty stoked...I figure I may have locked up a hall pass for a trip or two(dreaming) back down this year.
  9. JoeDude

    I have no idea...maybe it is just the "year of the stripers"...I mean it's not necessarily around the corner but they have just been hammering those things in Cabo and up at the Finger Bank for months now...I just read the Pisces Fleet report from Cabo and they even mentioned the striper/sail fishing in PV...
  10. skippajack

    Bitchen pics, wifey looks stoked, Nice pic of the outrigger canoe club shirt.
  11. Sluester

    Looks like a great trip! Congrats!!:High_Five
  12. Captain Curt

    Thanks for the report and pictures. One hell of a place to be fishing during the winter.


    The boat Hanna........
  13. gernsey

    Sweet trip and thanks for the report.I'll be down there from 21st - the 2nd,cant wait.Gernsey
  14. Fishburger

    Killer trip, great pics. I can't wait until my first trip down there!!
  15. knot-t-bouy


    I finally sobered-up!

    Hey it was great meeting you & Amy- I know we sure had a great time doing the buddy fishing & whooping it up with you guys- Look forward to meeting up w/ you two in the future.

    Dave- (knot-t-bouy)
  16. DOGHOUSE26

    Those were some nice dodos!:appl:

    Nothing like a little dodo blood on your wife's legs to freshen things up a bit back at the resort!
  17. Bad Influence

    Way to keep up the carnage on the Bad Influence guys. I love seeing my baby rounding up multiple species and happy customers for the Prime Time team. Has anyone tried my custom bent butt Cal Stars?? Lora's a bit nervous when they're in the rod holders- He thinks they may launch upon strike.

    We need a pic of the Grady fleet flying formation off of Mita for the board!
  18. aloharob

    Great report and pix. Awesome to see your wife out there putting the wood to those DoDo's. That's excellent.
  19. JoeDude

    You have a great boat Gerry...we were very happy to help keep up the carnage on Bad Influence. Honestly, I didn't see any bent butt's onboard...they may have been stowed. We only had 3 trolling rods each with a 30 on it...which made me nervous at first...but since there were no big tuna around it was cool.
  20. Bad Influence

    Thanks for the compliment Joe Dude. Yea, I need to get a couple Avet 50s down there and we'll mount em to the bent butts so we're ready when the Cows come home again... All for now.