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Discussion in 'Mainland Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Bullshipper, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. Bullshipper

    I was hoping we could help put together a list of the Resturants in PV that are currently a good deal. I see the stuff for Mita, but a PV list would be helpfull.

    I would recommend

    Fajita Banana - Nuevo Vallarta

    Raccon Taco Place close to Candy's

    Pipi's - downtown PV

    The Happy Lobster- downtown PV South

    PV Marina???

    Anyplace else that is good now?
  2. STxFisherman

    I recommend Candy's :D
  3. Mag Bay Yachts Advertiser

    I think you mean Fajita Republic for Nuevo Vallarta. Fajita Banana is the one in the old Marina. There both great places to eat.
  4. Gmoney!

    El Pescatore in NV by the yach club, excellent food, fine dining, not cheap though ;)
  5. Bullshipper

    Thanks, I'll just keep adding your suggestions to this post:


    El Pescatore in NV by the yacht club-expensive
    Fajita Republic - Nuevo Vallarta-reasonable
    Brazil in the Paradise Village mall
    Taco Stand in La Cruz
    Meson Bay in Bucerias-an all you can eat barbecue $13 USD magarita

    Mapache (Raccon) Taco Place close to Candy's-inexpensive
    Barcelona-Paella and pitchers of sangria- 2 blocks north of McDonalds in PV
    Fajita Banana - PV Marina
    Waffle House Breakfast on Malecon PV Marina-NW side
    Victor's Place- Dorado fish Tacos-PV Marina
    Buenos Aires in the marina

    Pipi's - downtown PV-reasonable
    The Happy Lobster- downtown PV South-Inexpensive to reasonable
    Brasil's- downtown
  6. frijolitos

    BARCELONA: tapas style great food, owner Bill Carbalo is from Chicago, been open about 6yrs and has a great following. Awesome Paella and the pitcher of sangria kicks ass. 2 blocks up off the malecon above where the mcdonalds is. also "el Brujo" right past the small tunnel going into town, excellent mexican food and good price, usually a line as it's small but very popular due to the great food
  7. Captain Jeff Illingworth

    the racoon place is called MAPACHIS....... that's where you go after Candies............ or Prestige or Hysteria........ best deal in town and open till 6:00 AM............ I think I ate some tacos there this morning:drunk
  8. jaepark3000

    My wife and I really enjoyed Victors Place in Marina Vallarta. If you go in the evening, Vistor is there and he will take a shot of tequila with you when you order drinks. I also took the dorado I caught and they grilled it up 3 different ways for us. Their fish tacos were pretty good and actually had a big chunk of fish in it, unlike the fish tacos in the states.
  9. allisonboat

    Nopolito in the mall of Paradise Village on the second floor.
    Good food and very reasonable.
  10. Aleta

    Is it Pipi's or Pepe's? ( the taco restaurant downtown ).

    Awesome tacos, just ask Vince #19.

    Drew recommends going for the A/C which makes the dining room so cold in August that you need to sit right next to the grill in the kitchen to stay warm!!
  11. Ron Mexico

    Victors is good and cheap.
  12. brantc

    There's Pipi's and Pepe's and they're both good. Pipi's is sitdown mex food...Pepe's is street tacos. Go with the Pastor.

    Vito's in Punta Mita is great Italian but a little pricey. We all know Margarita's is solid.

    Frascati in La Cruz is also good Italian for a reasonable price.

    Mark's in Bucerias is top notch as well
  13. lilharcher

    Waffle House in PV Marina for breakfast.....great brekfast and very reasonably priced......near the cabo dealer.
  14. FishNed

    Save your money. Just bring your fish to Brant, he is the best cook in PV anyways!!
  15. Mikey

    Pipi's has great maggies

    I think the name is The Bistro down by the river, but haven't been there for a couple years, nice restaurant!
  16. SteveD

    bring Hector (at Margarita's in Punta Mita) some fresh dorado and tuna caught earlier in the day and let him do his magic....doesn't get much better than that! Don't forget your mosquito repellant!

    There used to be a great little resturant up in the residential area called 'La Placita'. Ask for a roof top table. Lots of ex-pats eat there.
  18. Aleta

    But he sold his BBQ!! And I heard he had to throw in Redneck to close the deal.
  19. Bruin

  20. Ali Admin

    Brazil in the Paradise Village mall is good if you're really hungry.

    I hear the Brazil downtown is even better.

    We stick to:

    Fajita Republic

    On most trips.