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  1. hatidua

  2. BiggestT

    Mark, your photography work is excellent. I guess you're a pro at this:)

    Where's the flyfishing gear?
  3. inSTANt bendo

    NICE pics!!! Sounds like the tuna were slow, but looks like a great trip nonetheless. Kurts a great to hang/fish with.

    I was salivating over his new Grady CC while I was there, but he didn't have the tuna tubes and outriggers rigged yet. Looks like it's a rocket!!......and fishy.
  4. hatidua

    I take no credit for the jumping fish pix, Kurt shot all of those and is obviously pretty good at it. I was a bit preoccupied with cranking in the fish but did ask him to take a few shots for me which he very capably managed.

    As to the fly rods, those went to Baja last month, I need to take a break from the long rod now and then. Besides, I was overweight as it was!

    That 30' CC he's running works out really well for that location. It's nice to be able to run up and fish the bow from time to time.
  5. Duramax

    Looks like you're haulin Ass in that Pic.
  6. Iron Peddler

    Good pics Mark. Seeing those makes me wish I had canned work and gone with you. Apparently the fishing wasn't bad either. Ah well, there's always next year. Good job!
  7. cretin

    Very cool stuff...
  8. flys down

    WTG Mark....
    I'm glad to see someone else sweat on the bow over big Jacks besides me :appl:
  9. Marlin Grando

    Nice fishing. I could definately learn something from you guys about how to use the under water feature of my camera....I never can seem to get the entire fish into the frame....

  10. ReelProShop

    Not a bad way earn a living. Good to see you are living the dream!!!

  11. coldtuna

    Great pictures.

    When did you fish with Reel Peace Charters?
  12. hatidua

    You'd need to address Halbert with that question, he's the one in their t-shirt. I'm the clown behind the camera.
  13. Red Tuna

    Wow, great pics!!
  14. Photo Ho

    Nice twilight pics of the boat.
  15. jureal

    Nice photos Mark. My turn next week. Looks like a great time in PV. What worked on the Roosters, Mahi and is that a Popper hanging from the crevelles mouth?
  16. Halbert

    Mark it was a blast fishing with you, thanks for all the great photo's. You'll get that cow soon. Congrats on the marlin!

    Fished with Reel Peace in July, had a blast caught a ton of fish.
  17. Ron Mexico

    Awesome pics... reminds me why I love fishing in PV.
  18. Luhr'd Away

    Thank you for sharing, those are nice shots
  19. The Notorious S.U.A

    Epic photo....

  20. Bullshipper

    Really a great post.