PV Oct 4th-Oct 11th

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  1. titlewave

    Well I am sitting here totally bummed that i am not in PV anymore, but the memories of my trip will have to do till December when i plan to get back . ALl i can say about PV is its everything i expected and more , as the fishing , food and people are just as good as it gets outside of America. I planned this trip last march when i sold my boat the "Titlewave" to none other than Michael "Bogii" Bogart and part of the deal was 6 days of fishing on my ole boat in PV.......where i had never fished.

    The time finally came to leave on the the 4th and the trip from Atlanta was long taking 12 hours to make it to my hotel room at Paradise village.The next morning we went to the boat to do a couple of things before bogii got to PV, to try and see if we could get the other leg running right after hitting a piece of floating wood on his last trip.Unfortunatley it wasnt meant to be and parts would be required to fix her up to speed. We spent that day organizing the parts for Bogart from the states , while Bogii got on the horn and secured a Top Notch crew from Punta Mita to slavage our trip.

    The very next day found us on a cab ride to Punta Mita at 4 am to meet our Guide Lorra and his deckie Largo. We arrive at thier fishing village and boarded a kick ass 28 ft panga with twin verados, and then speed off to "The Rock". We arrived at daylight and started to make bait very quickly filling our box for chunks, and the tubes with live ones. We strated our drift by chucking, which is what us east coasters know best as we deploy this same technique at home at the oil rigs in the gulf to great effect. My buddy Harry is the best chunk master i have ever meet and it didnt take 2 minutes for him to hook the the first fish, and 20 more to land our first PV Gold Nugget. A nice fish around 110-120 pounds. In the box it went and we started to chunk again, and once again harry is on and hands off to me for my first PV Yellowfin in the 70 pound range.

    SO now we have two fish in the boat and things slowed down enough for me to ask if i could make one drop for a Pargo , which i have always wanted to catch. Largo eased up toward the rock and i flylined a 5 pound live skippy down on a tuna stick and hooked up big time. The fish posted me and a 10 minute tug of war began with what felt like a sea donkey bucking on the other end. Finally we saw color and up came a monsterous Pargo which just made my trip. The fish was pushing close to 60 pounds and for sure qualified as a trophy catch. We took some shots and quickly rebaited for HArry who hooked up only to be rocked and lose his chance.

    Things started to pick up just off the rock for Tunas again so we went back to chunking , and once again Harry hooks up to another yellowfin. This fish was a cookie cutter of the first fish being close to 120 pounds.So now we have 3 nice tunas and a huge Pargo in the boat and its like 10:30 ..........so we keep fishing.

    All the sudden Lorra sees fish busting so we reel up and run over to the fish and i hook up on a Nemo painted Popper i bought for this trip online. The strike was so unreal with the fish coming up under the popper in what seemed like slow motion taking it 20 feet from the boat , and the fish was huge for the tackel it was hooked on. I was using the boats spheros reel loaded with 50 pound power pro and a small trevall rod that i would call a bait catching rig in my boat. None the less i felt like i had a great chance at landing the fish as i had been in ths position beofre. I settled in for a long battle in which we tried to plane the fish several times to get the fish moving in my direction. Finally after 1 hour i started to make head way and the fish was actually coming up ! right at color the popper finally let go , but to be honest .....there was no where to put the fish nor anymore ice to chill it with so i am glad it parted when it did. In any case to get a 100 pound plus Tuna fish 30 ft from the boat on bass Tackel was quite an accomplishment in its self. After that we all decided we had had enough and booked in before a huge storm made thing interesting.

    We ended the day at Bogii's buddies restraunt "Margaritas" with fresh cocanut fried pargo with apricot jam, and seared Tuna !

    The next trip was two days later , for Roosterfish ....which both me and Harry had never caught. To make thing easy i will just say we rode a distance down the beach and slayed roosters till we got bored and came in after 4 hours , talk about wide open.

    Thanks to Bogii for all the hookups with fish and people
    Thanks to Lorra our captain for some great memories and great fishing
    Thanks Largo for letting us do our own thing in the pit from chunking to gaffing our own fish...

    Enjoy the Pictures guy's

    I will be back in Late december early Jan for another week, but this time aboard the "Tigerlilly"

    SEEYA THEN!!!!!!!

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  2. titlewave

    more pictures !

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  3. Marlin Grando

    Nice report! That was an awesome two days of fishing.
  4. Harry Brosofsky


    Great report and great trip with mi amigo! We need to go back down soon! Heck, if I could sell my 330TE, I'd move down there and fish with Lorra every day!

  5. Bajangler

    Great pictures, PV rocks, thanks for the report!:appl:
  6. Gmoney!

    Congrats Mike,

    I am supposed to fish on your old boat with Bogii in two weeks, so hopefully she is up and running by then, if not I am sure Bogii will hook it up. Also explains why I have not heard back from him, I figured he was fishing down in PV.

    Congrats on a great trip, you are HOOKED!!! Nice pargo and tuna, amazing food, good friends....its the reason why all of us rave about PV and its people, captains, and fishing.

    I cant wait for my trip.

  7. Bogii

    Nice to meet you Mike & Harry
    sorry Tigerlily was Down for repairs ( Fucking Boats)
    Looking foward to the many years of fishing together
    Lora & Largo thanks for getting my guys out
    really good fishing on the last few trips

    should be back in the water next week if all goes well.

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  8. Gmoney!

    great to hear Bogii...I might also have a job offer by the trip, so fishing it alone with just you and a deckie would be fine by me in that case...boat is looking good Bogii...its going to be a crazy crazy trip...i can feel it already.
  9. FishSupreme

    Nice trip and great report! Terrific variety.
  10. Bullshipper

    Really glad this all came together for you Harry. Lora and Largo really know how to get it done. Those tuna and pargo were rightous!!!
  11. zigzag