Punta Banda

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by moejoe, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. moejoe

    pgFished 2 days w Vonnys Fleet with my good friend Danny Verrier No YT, but lots of big Lings. All on plastics at about 80' of water-around the point. Ivon and Beto are great hosts and we had a great time.
    Baja Mamas cooked up some of our fish in some sort of coconut batter w a sweet n sour sauce. It was fabulous. Some steemed clams and Modelo Negro-It just doesn't get any better. Then add the view-Wow.
    Tried the new road around TJ. Nice road, but we got lost and probably didn't save any time in the end.
    One big Ling just could not stop eating.
  2. sdfishkiller

    Nice job gentlemen, that blue ling sure is purty!
  3. Tunaslam

    A great way to spend a weekend, good job guys.
  4. Fishin Fool74

    Ahrings back memories of last year. I sure do like Punta Banda and Vonnie's Fleet.
  5. johnnylite

    We used to camp on the other side of Punta Banda in a placeI think was called Kennedys camp. Skiffs off the rocks. Man that was a long time ago. Great post and pics you guys.
  6. irielines

    we just camped there and fished for a few day's. great weather and great food. no big fish tho.. hopefully yellows soon!!!! cant wait to go back
  7. dernypaulina

    Nice fish and great photo, love the fish in the fish effect! Sounds like you guys had a great trip and good weather by the looks of the water.
    Thanks for the report.