Punta Banda, Ensenada B.C

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by fisher3, Jul 19, 2011.

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  1. fisher3

    Went down to Punta Banda, Ensenada this past weekend with my dad in search of the White Sea Bass. We launched our 18ft aluminum boat off the beach at Campo La Joya at around 6:30a.m and where at the Sea Bass grounds at around 7:00 where all the other boats where too. Seems that they had been catching them there for the past week(so i saw in the vonnys fleet report) and we were casting out plastics, and krocodiles for no luck at all. And non of the other boats around seemed to be catching anything. So at around 8, or 8:30 all the boats headed out to fish rock fish and some to the island but we were the last to leave but still no luck. After all we decided to after some rockfish too. And fished on some nice structure. At around 1:30 we decided to head back to where we started to fish for the sea bass and there was a lot of bait all around! the macks were eating the anchovies and we knew that the sea bass were around there eating the macks! so we we were casting and casting for nothing but macks, and one of those casts...BAM!! my dad gets a bight on the krocodile!!! got a nice 33lbs. White Sea Bass on the line, and after a nice fight, its on the board!!!

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  3. tap BD Writer

    Nice going. Congratulations!

    Tony Peña
    "The Roving Angler"
  4. WaaTooSee

    nice fish. great job.
  5. Bajabil3

    That's how it's done!
    Good report Thanks.
  6. frano

    "That's a nice fish. Big fuckin' eyes but a nice fuckin' fish!"
  7. chevydeuce

    Whereabouts are the WSB? I'm taking my boat down next week and am hoping to get on some....we've fished the boiler rocks at the end of Punta Banda as well as the large kelp field inside the bay and always done well on calicos and even a few yellows....
  8. seriola_killer

    Next time you're down there, take a mackeral and pin it to one of the Krocodiles. The WSB love it.
  9. fisher3

    we tried that in the morning with only one bight, but could not set the hook. we'll be going back pretty soon and trying it again.
  10. fisher3

    we were fishing inside the bay too, just east of the kelp beds were they have all the floating jugs. Just find the birds, and were the birds are thers anchovies, and the macks are eating the chovies, and the sea bass are around there eating the macks. If you see Vonnys fleet there, youre in the right spot. And good luck too you!
  11. chevydeuce

    much thanks...tight lines to you in the future..
  12. ruly

    fisher 3 what color of krocodile was used to catch the wsb ?
  13. fisher3

    just silver, look for the birds and bait, and if the bight isint on in the morning head back in the afternoon.
    good luck...
  14. ruly

    thanks for your tips I will try with 7" silver next weekend I like wsb ceviche :rolleyes:
  15. geno machino

    Great job in not giving up!!!!!
  16. Gil Marlin

    How hard was it to launch your boat there? Last time I was there it didn't look very easy to get the boat in deep enough water... Oh, nice WSB!!!
  17. chevydeuce

    When we were there last year, we launched two 18'ers off the beach with little problem....4WD is best....we would simply get everything ready, boat unhooked and somebody at the controls, then haul ass backwards and hit the brakes....boat would slide off and voila'.....if the tide was a little too low to start the engines, we'd just push it out by hand a little and then climb in...These were both aluminum boats that don't weigh a ton, so your mileage may vary..But the Vonny's guys launch 20'+ pangas pretty much the same way and those things are HEAVY!....Once in the water, they use oars to row out to the deeper water and then lite the motors off....

    There's also a ramp down the beach from La Joya, but it is STEEP and rocky....especially when the tide is out...
  18. fisher3

    ahaha!!! well...the first time we tried it was in May of this year. The surf was pretty bad, we went over to Vonny's to buy our Mexican fishing licenses and we herd Ivan talking to the two groups that he was about to take out, telling them that if they still wanted to head out because Beto had just taken two big waves and had water all inside the boat. So we were like whatever we can make it...bad decision! haha we took like three waves that put in a load of water inside, first of all we did not have oars, so if i were you take some, since its ur first time, but during this time of the year its nice and calm, we did not use oars this time, my dad had a chest wader on, but only because he did not want to get wet. pushed it out to deep enugh water, started the motor up, and shot out of there!
    good luck...
  19. Gil Marlin

    That's why I asked, maybe just renting a Panga would be easier... :D
  20. fisher3

    it is...but me and my dad dont like the hrs...its from 6 to noon. and we love to fish until we cant anymore. last time we went out at 6 and didnt come back until 5! haha almost 12hrs out in the water.