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Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Vonny's, Jun 29, 2011.

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  1. Vonny's

    Hi Folks
    This week It has been good bottom fishing, lings, reds, calico, etc.

    And a visitor from the North a Coho Salmon caught by Andrew Crabtree
    from Arcadia Ca. fishing the Friday on Vonny-I with Beto.

    Stuart Broach from San Diego went fishing Sunday with Beto catching
    Calico Bass, Rock Cod, Ling Cod and Red Fish.

    Today Brian Foley from "Campo La Joya" went fishing with Beto catching three nice
    White Sea Bass (34 pounds) with aluminum jigs.

    Nice weather come down to Baja and relaxing go fishing!

    We still haves with the promotion:
    Special Offers for two persons
    Just arrive in the afternoon and you can stay with us
    in one of our motor homes outside by Vonny's Fleet patio, that night for free
  2. Vonny's

    Continued: Thursday, Tom Gatch from SD Ca. catch one nice 26 pounds Halibut and bottom fish with Beto.

    Saturday, Patrick Brennan from Huntington Beach Ca. catch two nice Halibut (39 and 45 pounds) on Vonny-IV with Hector

  3. Bud B


    If the swordfish were'nt starting to show up I'd be back down in a heartbeat. If for nothing more then to eat taco's on the water with Hector.
  4. Captain Juan SQ

  5. Vonny's

    Thank you for your comments, the fishing continues:

    Gary Griffin from "Rancho La Bufadora" went fishing today with Hector Vonny-IV catching one nice 40 pounds White Sea Bass and bottom fish.

  6. Tunaslam

    Lots of fun fishing, way to go guys!
  7. flatssnook

    Looks like Vonny's fleet is on fire!!! Nice job guys & see you all in 4 weeks
  8. Fishinxs

    Book that Mex trip! The boys at Vonnys Fleet are getting some...
  9. Fishinxs

    That is a nice fish! Get another one...
  10. artty10

    My wife and I would like to say thanks for all the wonderful experiences we have had every time we go down and fish with you. Beto and Hector are a class act, polite, and have always put us on fish. I always recommend you whenever I speak with someone that would like to fish Mexico. Wife, a friend, and I plan to drive down to fish with you again soon. Tell Beto and Hector to save some fish for us. Take care and God bless. Ralph
    :)By the way the lingcods we recently caught make excellent fish tacos.
  11. Jermz

    Wow, Never heard of Coho going down that far south.

    Has this happened before?