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  1. temecguy

    Going on a trip to next month for some fishing/relaxing. My buddy will be spear fishing and a couple us will be "killing" them with poles. I was just curious on what works best out there as far as lures. I have search around and found that Rapalas, swim baits, and steel works well on inshore fishing. I plan on fishing off of huerfanito Island or the surrounding water. Any suggestion on line size, other lure/bait options, rig set ups. Sorry I'm very new to fishing Baja. Thanks in advance.
  2. seriola_killer

    Troll X-raps or Mirrolures tight to structure on 25# to 30#. Some guys like fishing heavier test, and that's fine, but I feel more comfortable in getting more bites on the lighter line. I don't lose too, too many lures there fishing 25#

    For throwing the iron, some blue/white or scrambled egg Salas 7x is perfect as is the 6x Jr. in the same colors.

    For trolling I like 1 shallow diver (4-8') and one deep diver 15+. Something in the 4-5" size.

    For colors, I like green/gold combo and the black/gold combo. But I will say the Pink Mirrolure is a crazy Cortez fish catching machine oftentimes when nothing else is working.

    Troll around structure. Anywhere from 15 - 80' of water and most likely you will be in a productive zone. One thing: don't get lulled into complacency by all the little fish you catch. It's just about at the moment you decide to drop down to 10-12# test that a mean-ass Cabrilla comes along and fucks you up.

    Troll These Shallow:

    Troll These Deep:


    I like the Firetiger and the Bunker patterns personally, but other guys swear by other colors.
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  3. temecguy

    Thanks for the quick reply and great info! what do you think of using cut pieces of squid or bait fish. Does jigging work well out there? or is trolling best bet?
  4. seriola_killer

    Cut squid works great! So does jigging. The smaller heavy iron yoyo'd works great. But day in, and day out, nothing catches inshore and nearshore on a more consistent basis than trolling these plugs around structure. It locates fish very well, and when you get a strike you can reel in the other line and start fan-casting smaller crankbaits.
  5. temecguy

    Looks like I have a variety of options. I've read a steel leader is a must with all the structure. And 30-40 lb test would be optimal.
  6. cj5orion

    nothin better than frozen squid !!!!!!!
  7. seriola_killer

    For Puertecitos 40# is not optimal in my opinion. You get more bites on lighter line and the lures troll better imho. And you do not need steel leaders.

    Look at it this way:

    40# = less strikes but less lost lures
    25# = more strikes but more lost lures (not too many though).

    And if Mr. Hawg comes by you aren't gonna have the chance to stop it even if you were fishing 60#
  8. temecguy

    And I just bought 30# steel leader; I'll be returning those and spend it on more hard plastic lures. Thanks again for the info.
  9. robocopjr145

    I don't know about that place man. My buddy and I went there to relax and try fishing. We were told we needed to leave right away that we were not welcome. That place scared the shit out of me the way people were with is there.
  10. Big A's

    If you're going to Huerfanito might as well go see Capt Tano. He'll even launch your boat right there for a nominal charge and save you about a 15 mile ride. And yes bring squid.
  11. seriola_killer

    One of my favorite dead stick techniques in the upper Sea of Cortez: Salas 6x Jr.(scrambled egg) with a whole dead pinned squid. Drop it to the bottom, Reel up 6-8' from the bottom, put the reel in gear and the clicker on, and set it into the rold holder. Sit back, start drinking Modelo's with real Mexican limes in it, and wait for a fat Cabrilla or grouper to come by and inhale it.

    ^^^^^^ Now THIS, you fish on heavy shit!
  12. rex

    be shure to bring a jacket long johns and a great sleeping bag its verry cold in august but fishing is good
  13. temecguy

    something that will take a whole squid defiantly will need 'heavy shit" to bring her in!
    And thanks for the info Rex, will make sure to pack some warm clothes for sure.
  14. temecguy

    How do I find the legendary Capt. Tano?
  15. rudylopez

    There is sign on the paved road "Campo Tano" turn left go to the dirt road that runs parallel to the paved road look for a boat by the side of the dirt road that say TANO this the road to his campo.. Good luck and if you are going to fish bottom nothing lighter than 40lbs, 60lbs is better.. There are some larger fish and rocks down there that can easily break your line,, If you go past Huerfanito and get to end of the paved road turn around.. August is hot hot hot and humid take plenty to drink and some shade...
  16. temecguy

    Cool will keep my eyes peeled for the sign. So is it really worth the trip to Campo Tano? What are the rates to be expected? Will defiantly bring a set up for 60lbs for the bottom beasts.
  17. rudylopez

    Tano will launch and retrieve your boat for about 200 pesos if you do not have a vehicle to launch with . Beach camping is about 100 pesos a night. He is getting set up to take people out to the islands but do not know if he has the boats running but he told me his charge would be $40.00 US per person.. Let us know how you do.... When you get there if he is not there as he has to leave at times to get supplies go a head and camp, no problem... Remember take plenty of water and ice, once you leave Puertecitos there are no supplies until you get to Gonzaga, 25 miles of bad dirt road to the south..
  18. Gil Marlin

    It's not the people in Puertocitos, it's the crazy lady that's owns the town that makes it weird. Huerfanito is down the road, you might as well go to Gonzaga and fish there too. Gonna be hotter than shit though so be prepared...
  19. Sherm

    Has the road from Puertocitos to Gonzaga gotten any better? That road can beat the crap out of gear and trailer. Something to think about if towing anything valuable down that road. The basketball sized rocks all over the dirt roads was a real pain in the ass back when i used to go down there 15 years ago.
  20. Gil Marlin

    It's paved to 15 miles north of Gonzaga, the only problem I see is with all the rubble they left after blasting the rock away for the road. A decent earth shaker and the road will be closed...