Puertecitos Trip - 4/13 - 4/15

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Adrian, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. Adrian


    My old man, Lou, my younger brother, Victor and I headed south through Calexico. At the border got inspected by Mexican officials which included boarding my 26' Skipjack, Panacea. The inspection only took a few minutes, but it was the first time we ever got boarded on the way INTO Mexico.

    The rest of the trip south was fairly uneventful. The winds were gusting pretty good at about 30 mph as we drove through San Felipe and we knew we'd probably run into some whitecaps when we reached Puertecitos. Good news on the road development... The road has been paved and is in great shape all the way to about 1/2 mile from Puertecitos. That saved a good couple of hours of pot-hole and dirt road maneuvering!

    Got to Puretecitos around midday on the 13th. Northerly winds, as expected, were gusting to about 25 mph. We launched and headed south. Not 30 minutes after we launched, the winds really laid down. What great timing! The water was about 70-71 degrees. We made our first stop at an area near the Hot Chocolate Cliffs and got into a considerable Spotted Rose Snapper bite! We kept a few for the cooler knowing they make some of the best fish sandwiches on the planet. The snappers were running up to about 3-5 lbs. As dusk approached, we headed to Isla Encantada to spend the night in a quiet cove.

    The next morning we decided to make some live bait for a trip out to the seamounts and outer reefs. It didn't take us long to fill the bait tank with small grunts and such between 1/2 and 1 1/2 lbs each. With the tanks loaded up, we headed out to outer reefs to try our luck at some of the cabrillas and groupers.

    We set up dropper loops and soaked a few grunts... The first few drifts came up with nothing but a few chewed up baits from what appeared to be big triggers. On the next drift, I decided to change tactics a bit and sent down a Sumo 6x in chrome and blue and yo-yo'ed. On my first drop I got a hit and pulled in an average sized Sierra of about 6 pounds. As soon as the Sierra hit the deck, my dad got a big hit on his soaked grunt. He set the hook and the battle was on. But this was going to be a shorter battle than expected... The grouper (we guesstimated its size over 100 pounds) made a mad dash for his rock home and it wasn't going to be denied. The 60 pound line snapped and the groupers were up 1-0.

    We reset on a similar drift and I dropped my Sumo 6x back down. Within a few seconds of my retrieve, I was hit again... this time the rod bent more heavily and I knew it wasn't a Sierra. A short fight and up came a nice Spotted Cabrilla of about 25 lbs. More importantly, we knew we were honing in on the right structure.

    The next drift produced a big strike almost immediately, again, with my dad on the receiving end of it. But this time he managed to turn the head around before the fish could find his rock haven and within a few minutes we buried the gaff into a nice 50+ pound Gulf Grouper.

    A few more drifts produced 2 more Spotted Cabrillas for my brother Victor at 25 and 20 pounds. A quick assessment on total fish we had chilling on ice and we concluded that we had all we needed for the dinner tables. With that decision made, we left them biting at the outer reef.

    We spent the rest of the day slow trolling a few areas with no success and some near shore shallows fishing that produced a pair of bonefish along with a few catfish and usual triggerfish and spotted bay basses. Just north of Isla San Luis we ran across a whale. I was a bit surprised to see a whale that far north. I'm not very familiar with whale species, so I wasn't able to identify what type it was, although it seemed to be headed south.

    That night the northerly winds returned and by Sunday morning they had picked up considerably with gusts up to 40 mph. We headed back to the ramp and made our way back to the States, thankful for the short window we got without the blow.

    Quick stats:

    Winds: Gusty and not advisable for small craft
    Water: 70 degrees and very green and murky
    Total species caught: Approx 12 - Spotted Bay Bass, Triggerfish, Spotted Rose Snapper, Porgy, Chili Catfish, Bonefish, Spotted Cabrilla, Gulf Grouper, Sierra, various grunts.

    Tight Lines,

    - Adrian Sosa

    4-16-07 020.jpg

    4-16-07 021.jpg

    4-16-07 022.jpg
  2. Kerbking

    Nice report, sweet trip. Congrats!
  3. RIC

    great report, glad you got into some fast action.

  4. Bajangler

    Great report, how long a drive from the border?
  5. BornFisher

    I just looked at the pics and all I could say is "WOW"!!
    Congrats....... really beautiful!!!!
  6. jesse

    What no yellows???

    nice fish dude:D
  7. Adrian

    Thanks. We caught a little break there with the wind break for a couple of days. I heard it continued to blow Mon - Wed too.

    Steve, we once we crossed the border it only took us about 3 or 3 1/2 hours to reach Puertecitos and we were really taking our time for the most part. Those Mexican roads, safety first. The paved section all the way to town is a huge bonus. The old potholed road was BRUTAL on the speed, not to mention how bad it beat you up. Was a joy to see it paved.

    No yellows! I was looking for them, but they just didn't show. Next time!

    Tight Lines,
    - Adrian
  8. Baldylocks

    Did you have any problems launching your boat in Puertecitos. I'm going in June and I'm not sure if I want to launch down there. I know the area well. I have a house at Bahia Santa Maria. But a 26 Farallon is alot of boat to launch down there. How was it?

  9. Adrian


    I know what you mean... I took an exploratory trip down last year with the sole purpose of scoping out the ramp for the boat. The Pueretcitos ramp is maintained by the local Americans there and is in great shape. It's concrete with no major cracks or holes. There is a rock wall that runs along the east side that doubles as the dock as well as fishing pier for some of the local youngsters.

    Our 26 Skip is 8'6" beam... I believe the Farallon is a bit wider. The road to the ramp is lined with cottages and such but I think you will be OK with that.

    The only 2 things I would mention are:

    1) Beware on low tide. There are boulders near the ramp and some of their extreme low tides will put those boulders close enough to the surface to make them a problem. Mid or high tide is the time to launch and retrieve.

    2) When the wind blows, launching and retrieving next to the rock wall gets pretty dicey. On a calm day, piece of cake. On a windy day.... gets tricky REAL fast! Don't want to bang that wall.

    Hope that helps.

    - Adrian
  10. Baldylocks


    Thanks for the info. My house is only 25 miles from the ramp. So I'll go look. I just wanted big boat info. Thank you for the info. I'll be going for 12 days and I'll post when I get back. It saves 50 miles each way.

  11. cbuzzetti

    Nice report, great fish. I am planning on making a similar trip this fall. Can you provide any more info about this area? I have never fish it but have always wanted to.
    Any numbers on the reefs and such would be great.

  12. lucky4miles

    trust me, Pueretcitos is almost always windy and the ramp is horrible. futher more the locals and resident amers are NOT friendly. hell trip on your car and no fuel around for miles. you should all stay away from there!!
  13. cbuzzetti

    Sounds perfect!!!!
  14. tattuna

    Cool trip and a nice variety of fish! I'll be headed a little further south to Bahia Gonzaga next month. I hope the winds die down more by then!
  15. Stuart

    Those coords I sent you worked out, I see! :)
  16. Bullshipper

    Quality. Very nice.
  17. Adrian

    Thanks. It was a short trip, but definitely a good one.

    Charlie... The fall down there is significantly different. The water temperature soars to above 80 and that really dictates the type of fishing you can get into. That time of year, you should be thinking yellows and dodos. We got into some fair dorados last Aug by trolling the 150ft line with zuker feathers. The bottom fish are headed to deeper water for the most part (with a few exceptions).

    Stuart... Thanks for the info earlier. Much appreciated. We actually didn't scope out Golden Reef this trip.... but hopefully we'll get a few more chances later this year. If we ever get out there at the same time, I got a few :pourit: s for ya. I never saw your post on the trip you were going to make a few weeks after we emailed... how did you do?

    Tight Lines,
    - Adrian
  18. Stuart

    Adrian - We nailed 'em! Had two days of flat water and was able to run out 50 miles to a deep reef. Limits of big red snapper, gold-spotted bass, whitefish, sheepshead, and a couple nice leopard grouper. The wife outfished me (with all due respect, I was busy playing captain, bait boy, fish remover, line untangler and all around deckhand for her and the son -- I know - excuses, excuses!). She caught a 40 lb. pinto and a 22 lb. yellowtail. The snapper bite was awesome and I was bringing in double hook-ups on cut mack.




    Best trip they've had in ages, so I'm not complaining. I'm heading down this weekend for a guy trip, so hopefully I'll get a chance to crank a bunch! There's been some makos around, two caught in the past couple of weeks, so I'm going throw out a chum line and a shark rig whille we bottom fish. Hopefully, we'll have good water - the weather looks promising for this weekend! Yeah!!
    :beerbang: :beerbang: :beerbang: :beerbang:
  19. Customboatguy

    You folks give the rest of us hope. I LOVE YOU MAN!:beerbang:
  20. Adrian


    Nice! Those are quality reds you got into and that's a chunky pinto your wife cranked. Awesome. Good luck on your guy's trip. Let us know.

    Go bendo.

    - Adrian