Puertecitos Launch Ramp Info

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by s//m_cinco, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. s//m_cinco

    Northern SOC boaters:

    I've tried to find info and photos of the launch ramp at Puertecitos but have had no luck. To those of you who have used it, what is the largest boat you would recommend on it? Any photos? I have a fairly heavy 25'er, heavy trailer, pulling with a 1-ton 4x4, am hoping not to have to launch out of San Quintin to get to golden reef and the islands. Sound possible?

    Muchas gracias-
  2. richshary

    The launching ramp would be fine around high tide. I could launch my 22 ft. gregor at low tide because it doesn't need much water.
  3. bajadog

    I launch my 21' (DEEP VEE) Trophy center console there all the time. Do you have a tongue extender on the trailer (for low tide)?
  4. fully involved

    I guess it is a heavy boat if you are carrying enough fuel to go from San Quintin to the golden reef
  5. middleofnowhere

    I only launched my 14'er there.

    I envy you, you will have a great trip in your rig.
  6. Titan1

    We have launched a 23' robalo no problem at high tide, that is the biggest problem I can see watch the tides.
  7. s//m_cinco

    Great info, thanks a lot.
  8. fullclip

    We launch our 22 ft triumph there all the time no problem if you are in the middle of the moon cycle if you are around full or no moon then you really need to pay attention to the tides because at low tide the end of the ramp can be in the sand. The only issue with the ramp is that unloading people isn't very friendly for the boat because the "dock" is made from rock and concrete you can really mess you boat up if you are not very careful. 25 ft is about the largest I have seen launched from there. S have seen people launch their davis boats 25 or 26 ft bahia.