Puerta Vallarta

Discussion in 'Mainland Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by allisonboat, Dec 19, 2004.

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  1. allisonboat

    Trailering my 28 Skipjack to Puerta Vallarta for a week of fishing. Leaving December 26 and should be in PV December 30th. I am planning on fishing the El Banco and some other high spots in the area. If it is not productive, move on down to the Barra de Navdad and Manzanillo area. Are there any buddy boaters heading that way? Bill Allison
  2. Saluki

    I just checked with Capt. Curt and he said "We don't have enough cans for that one".

    That's a loooooooooong way to trailer a boat, good luck to ya.
  3. Ali Admin

    Hi Bill,

    I'd love to buy you a couple of beers when you get back and pick your brain.

    We are planning on making the same run in the Fall and would like all the input we can get.


  4. Mots

    yea, what the towel head said:D

    now your up to 4 beers :beerbang: