Proline boats, good or bad? In the market and need help

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by asabadin, Jun 13, 2010.

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  1. asabadin

    I am considering buying one and would like some feedback. looking at the 22 foot size mini cuddy. Are these well constructed boats? Do they hold up well over time? How do they ride and is the ride dry? Is the hull of good quality? Thanks guys in advance
  2. jcole4455

    Bought mine in 2005, have had no boat problems. Built in bait tank sucked, killed a lot of bait. Put a kodiak in and have had no further issue. My 19 CC is not a dry boat but most 19 foot CC's are wet. There is a proline owners forum out there.
    Boat is a very stable ride for a small CC.
    good luck

    Bait tank is small by California standards but in 14 years main problems have been on mercruiser engine or little aftermarket stuff like bilge blower and wiper and bait pumps. Specialize in what I'll call medium duty/good looking fishing boats 19-25 feet, but they are florida oriented and few dealers west of texas.
    newer ones are outboard only I think.

    Seem to hold decent resale value average but not like premium models davis /grady etc.

    plusses, No wood in structure, Super fuel capacity for size, mostly draining decks and large bilge pumps below, tackle centers and lockers built in everywhere, no wasted space, no unneccesary upholstery or carpet, sturdy welded rails. Huge cokpits
    Factory attitude toward fisherman and there concerns seems excellent now (wasnt always).

    Minuses Cost a bit more than seaswirls and more mass produced types, not quite as Hardcore as Heavy boats Like Davis or Faralon etc. based in Florida long ways off, small cuddy, Small BAit tanks(easy to fix on some models) Medium V hull is efficient and allows good speed and handling BUT...can pound you shirtless if you try and go over 20 knots into short chop, close swell or fly off the back of a big roller. can be wet ride into wind if no top and curtains or similar screen.
    few seats on most, heavy to tow when loaded(fuel, batteries,ice) tight engine side access in some I/O models .
  4. asabadin

    wow! thanks for the detailed account.. I get the fuel storage thing. Guy told me it holds 200 gallons. He has a 1992 force 150 on there now. the boat is a 1986. What kind of range and mpg would you think I would get?
  5. Katmandu

    Might want to rethink that Force motor. They do not have the best reputation. You may want to start saving money on a repower if you buy that boat.
  6. SauerFish Charters Advertiser

    I just bought a 22' proline cuddy O/B 2 weeks ago. I agree with all the above comments. Ive been out 4 times on it so far. I like the boat, it rides great, fishes great, and looks great. I definitly dont like the built in transom bait tanks, not sure what the problem is, but they sure can kill bait. Looking into a Pacific Edge tank.
  7. amirravon

    My current boat is ProLine and my next boat will be ProLine.(bigger)..go for it

    May the 92force not be with you,... dont use that motor for ofshore fishing, sell it to a bayliner owner who needs an upgrade from a weak 85 hp force.
    Get a direct injected or 4stroke 150hp modern motor, I doubt proline or proline dealer ever sold a 150 force repower with that 86 boat but who knows how it got there.
    Someone tried to cheap out and save 400-700 bucks over merc or Johnsen/rude.
    Of course it might have come with an 86 OMC SEADRIVE that year and the force was a cheap replacement of that odball with a cheap new motor in 92.

    Bait tank problem on mine is a transom mounted built in very shallow oblong "Oval" the water shfts from side to side on the way out and I have to keep the lid fastened down on run out, maybe 17-20 galllons full +Small 3-4gallon "baitwell/sink " also fine for frozen bait but insulation thin and engine heat can warm it up from below on long runs speeding melt time like it or not.
    The tank holds about a half Scoop at best and between 1/3 and 2/3 roll on a long trip out. although there is always a couple sardines or chovies that can take anything and make it all the way back! could put a 30gallon on the motor cover or in cockpit but normally the few live survivors are more than I actually use for chum and fishing. along with cut and dead bait.

    Fuel tanks in prolines are massive but I doubt 200gallons in only a 22footer.
    maybe 95-125 more likely. If shereally has 200 gallons get a 4stoke yamaha 150 and you will be good to run from san Fran to San Diego via catalina without refueling, or you could sell fuel offshore to guys in searay 26s with 65gallon tanks
    or replenish seatow when they run out of extra gas on weekends.
    Anyway, count that force at resale value and budget a better motor unless you are only fishing coastal .
    Thats kinda like fishing with a zebco spincast disney character Combo from walmart
    in a tournament. or the guy with more money than brains.
    Good grade boat, lowgrade motor mismatch IMHO,

    Also , 1986 still had wood in transom and maybe stringers but if it was trailer kept all its life you are probably ok.
    It didnt suffer from being overpowered withthat 92force.

    Buy the boat Sell the motor, get a survey.
  9. Carl

    Due to the Force motor....
    CC hulls are a dime a dozen, new outboards are super spendy...
    You'll need to re-power soon....Very soon...
  10. ranchero

    take your time. Summer is not a good time to pull the trigger unless you know exactly what you are looking for/at and know what it's worth.

    I'm sure the proline hulls are ok, but the force engine... don't know about force, don't want to know about force. Etec, yami, suzuki or keep need reliability and fuel efficiency.

    i say hit up the 1, 1.5 and 3 dayers until you find xactly what you are looking for. You'll spend less money, catch more fish, and smile a lot more.

    Nothing worse than laying awake wondering why...? LOL
  11. InTheField

    Proline= yes

    I have the 23' proline 230 with a walk around cuddy. Its dry and out performs a lot of the low to mid range west coast mass produced boats. The transom mount bait tank is a joke. Never even tried to put bait in it. The hull is solid and rides nice. It is very true in direction. Boat will run a strait coarse even in moderate swell with very little steering correction. I have driven a few Trophys that felt like running a slalom coarse. I have an I/O so its a little different set up, but it holds 109 gal. of gas. Mine is the 1993 model. Hope that helps.
  12. Boatstogo

    I have a 97 Proline CC Sportsman model. The boat is quite solid, but you'll get wet with any decent swell. Transom bait tank is small, but not too hard to rig one up on the swimstep. The boat is 17' with a 96 Johnson 115. Listen to the guys who know the motors, a repower is not cheap. Good luck
  13. gecsr1

    Force =:rofl:
  14. labboss2003

  15. yknot

    about fuel, my boat, only a 22', though not a proline, holds 140gallons. All I got to say is that is a lot of weight in that small of a boat, if it holds 200, that's a ton, almost literally...