problem with towing in reverse

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by Papa "J", Feb 6, 2004.

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  1. Papa "J"

    I have a 2003 F250 ...having a problem when backing up..seems like the brake actuator (on the trailer) is not releasing when I am in from what I understand, there is a relay in the fuse panel under the hood when the truck is in reverse it should send power to the unit to keep my surge brakes from engaging.

    Does anyone know where this relay I can check to see if it is even there...I would think it should be since I have the HD tow pkg with the truck.....
  2. FishBert

    Generally it is connected to the backup-lights..

    (5 wires to the trailer)..
  3. UnReel

    Yep, 4 wires hooked up like normal and the 5th to the backup lights. Without the 5th hooked up my trailer did the same thing.

    24 skipjack 'UnReel'
    Aka Betafish
  4. I've got MitchellOnDemand - need the model/extended/4X4 - and I'll look any connector/relay/switch/ location up for you. OOps - just noticed 2003 - my records only run up to 2000. If you know this things actual name it would also help - I can look it up for the 200 year maybe that's help?
  5. SpanishMack

    If you put your truck in reverse and the rear white lights come on then you should have the signal. If you have a 7pin plug it is the middle of the 7pin plug pin usually blue. Most of the time the wiring is fine. The soloenoids burn out on the trailer end.
  6. Kingfish

    If you need the Ford part # for the relay I'll get it for you.
    PM me.
  7. shinerunner

    I had the same problem on my ford. There was no relay installed for the trailer, under the hood. I picked one up at the ford dealer, that solved the problem. BTW, whether or not your reverse lights work is irrelevant on the Ford because they have the trailer reverse on a seperate circuit. If you have a relay, try cleaning the connections at your 5 pin connector. Hopefully, that gits it. Oh yeah, cool party, thanks again.
  8. SpanishMack

    On my Dodge it's the same circuit but I guess Fords are different. Heavenbounds trailer has always had a problems towing in reverse and we thought it was his solenoid on the trailer...
  9. Big Al

    You mentioned surge brakes in your post. Are they surge or electric brakes? Surge brakes can be a problem when backing up a steep incline, since this can drive the piston causing the brakes to lock up.
  10. shinerunner

    Big Al,
    Its a surge brake.
    Thats why it has the solenoid gets activated when reverse is engaged. The solenoid disengages the brake in reverse. Ahh fun with trailers, 3 months till albies and counting...........
  11. Mot's Sr.

    This is the hot tip here, if you put a hitch set up on the front of your tow vehicle, and hook up your boat , then you will be backing the boat up in drive (going forward) and you will not have to worry about that shit.:D :D :D
  12. shinerunner

  13. Papa "J"

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  14. shinerunner

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