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  1. baja tailhunter


    I am not talking about some story you heard about, I am talking about your story. I have been going to Baja for over 30 years and have only 1 flashlight stolen from my truck at a military check point at knight. I drive to Ensenada 1 or 2 times a month fishing, plus I have riden dirtbikes all down the coast with never a problem. Yes I have some bad tacos in this time but I have had some here too. When I tell people about fishing in mexico the first thay ask is are you afraid and the answer is no. If you use the same rules there as here, do not drink and drive, drink on the streets,walk around drunk or look for a fight.I feel safer in La Paz than down town La at nignt.Monday morning i was watching the news and thay reported 4 murders the night before. Jonathen from Tailhunters told me his van has never been broken into in baja but gets broken into allmost every year in the states.
  2. ConSeaMate

    Why start this shit?.............
  3. rex

    who wants to go first me 30 years 2 problems only with the popo trying to rip me off my vote for mexico everyone should go
  4. baja tailhunter

    I think baja is getting a bad rap from the US press and do not think there are any bad storys in the last 2 years. Just people having fun there. Feel free to post good story too.
  5. tapatio

    look there is notin wrong with baja its the bomb and beats all the fishing in the usa well im not sure about florida but ive only seen fishing on tv for florida. but anywas i go down to esenada alot through out the years and have noting bad to say about it and i personally love it more than cali well the fishing part. lol
  6. ConSeaMate

    It will just turn into a Baja vs US bash thread.......why kick a sleeping dog?....
  7. tpro890

    Look I have been going to Mexico for over 40 plus years and I have a house below mexicali and a boat in Ensenada. I hunt and fish in Mexico and for the most part I have never had any real serious issues.

    However, coming home from Ensenada on one of our fishing trips this past summer, I did have the lock on my rear door jacked with by a screw driver at a taco stand that we always frequent north of Ensenada. They took two back packs full of fishing gear. But you know that could have happened here in the states just as easy.

    Mexico is safe and you just need to follow their rules and do not draw attention to yourself. I will continue to vacation in Mexico as I have many friends that live in Mexico and I truly enjoy their friendship.
  8. dorado50

    :repost:Good on you for having a great 30 years in Baja. And thanks for caring for those that visit/live in Baja and those that choose not too. Hope this is the answer your looking for.
  9. Saluki

    I'd go if I were Turner Brown.
  10. TonyC

    i hear you, and your 30 years of baja traveling speaks for itself. i say fuckem....if they, the people who want to believe that fishing/vacationing to baja is dangerous, then don't go. i feel for our friends that have lost customers, but it it's a personnel choice to go, or not. more for us that choose to go. you said it all in your post, and the 2nd post....i agree with also...."why bring this up".
  11. yellowklr

    1 Major Problem in 07
    attempted carjacking in Tijuana

    other than that just few attempts by the local TJ cops looking for bribes
  12. Eye Problem

    Threats of arrest if we didnt pay mordida a few times in TJ, once in Ensenada. Nearly jailed once in Rosarito for walking (trespassing "alegedly") on an unmarked beach with a cocktail in hand one night, (paid mordida to avoid asskicking and jail time) And nearly had a brawl in Cabo with a strungout junkie and his buddies because we didnt want to buy drugs or his woman. (I think what started the issue, Richard told him he would rather hump his dog than his girlfriend who was fried on heroin) anyway, that's a long story. Other than those rare incidents, its all been good times. It really is a nice place for a family vacation with your kids.
  13. Sluester

    If ya don't have a vested interest who cares? No crowd is a good thing.....? Probably better prices? Don't know, haven't went down for years.
  14. gernsey

    SSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH.The boat traffic has been way down on the bank.
  15. grey goose

    Very dangerous stay away.
  16. FishMoreNow

    One trip, no problems. Not much of a sampling size. The news sensationalizes everything. Otherwise what would they cover to get you to tune in? "Gee folks, sorry! Nothing happened in town. You can all change the channel now" The news channels make their money off advertising. They need to sensatioanlize it to get the ratings so they can charge more for advertising. They take the worst case examples and make it seem like it's everywhere. I may be in the minority but I thought the original poster was implying that it's not as bad as the news makes it out to be. I thought he was trying to dispel the myth and not stir the pot...

  17. donnie nelson

    why dont you just move down there.enjoy mex. see ya
  18. bajabum

    40 years, over 100,000 miles, No major problems. Yeah, I've paid some mordida, got stuck in sand, had the foamn squirts, hit a sand bar and cracked a rib, had several blow outs, pulled buried hooks out of my hands, broke leaf springs, etc. However I consider these as part of the adventure.
    All of the cool things that I have seen and experienced offset those. Not to say something bad can't happen. I am more carefull these days. Buena suerte.
  19. bubby16

    I agree with Steve, bad rap from the media for sure. I have no bad reports from Baja or mainland Mx. Usually if your looking for trouble it will find you, no matter what country your in.
  20. Its 4 Reel

    Born and raised in L.A. and traveled up and down the Baja since I was a kid (45 years). I have lived here fulltime now for the last 4 years with monthly trips back to the U.S. and have had no major problems. The couple of mordidas I paid were probably deserved and would have cost me a heck of a lot more if an officer had cited me in the states. 1000's of Americans live up and down the Baja that do the same with no problems at all.