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  1. MinnesotaPhats

    I like to cause problems (e.g. perpetuating this thread). Yet I remain trouble-free flying to/driving through Baja. My first stop is at least as far S. as El Rosario. SO I'm just wondering if anyone has horror stories south of Ensenada, especially from the last 15 years?

    I know of the "Mulege Bandit" and isolated wanna-be cartel Cabo incident. I've traveled extensively through BCS, and misbehaved when appropriate. But I've never been a dick because that's wrong regardless of locale. And whether I'm stumbling through Cabo dawn, lost in SJ or La Paz hoods, or camping solo in the middle of nowhere, I feel more safe there than in the U.S..

    Knock on wood, let me know -- MP
  2. yellowklr

    I've traveled all over Baja and have NEVER had any problems south of Ensenada. Well unless you count running out of beer or getting sunburned a problem
  3. MinnesotaPhats

    I would expect no less from you! Any chance you'll be around Cabo/E. Cape in September? Big tuna and surf roosters? Did I mention I NEVER travel w/o extra Tecate y SPF 50?
  4. yellowklr

    September is my non Baja month I will be in BCS in June then October for sure.....
    Yeah the last 5 years i travel Baja with a suitcase of sunscreen,,,,!!
    Of course plenty of:hali_olutta:
  5. la vida

    You have to be very carefull in Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Carefull of your days you pick!!!!!!!!!!!

    They close all sales of Alcohol around elections days.

    BE CAREFULL!!!!:hali_olutta:
  6. BullFrogVI

    All it takes is once!:waglleybooty:
  7. MinnesotaPhats

    Obviously. Where does that not apply?! I can't tell if that's a well-intentioned warning or a subtle "I-got-fucked-this-one-time." If the latter, details would help the rest of us avoid a similar situation. Thanks.

    Derek, see you next Feb! La Vida, the Avalanche holds 5 cases of beer w/ice, leaving the cooler open for meat!
  8. duanediego

    ive been fishing, surfing and hanging frequently in baja for almost 30 years... pretty much as long as i can remember. everywhere from TJ down to cabo and back... never had a single problem except figuring out how to compensate the beautiful people down there for being so damn cool and helpful.

    it irks me that the place gets such a shitty rap. but at the same time i look at all the bad pub as a kook-filter, which is definitely a good thing for people like myself who enjoy going down there and scoring epic fishing/surf without having to deal with crowds and douche bags.
  9. lapazjohn

    Duane, "KOOK-FILTER" yeah! I like that!
  10. Fishybuzz

    X3.......filters out the ___________

    I love Baja been going since 1974 my wife(girl friend at that time) and I flew into Punta Colorado in a 4 the fever and have never stopped going....

    Biggest problem....we ran out of ice one time at San Francisquito and the generator at the hotel was beer is imo still better than no beer....:rofl:

    the yellowtail were WFO and made up for it...
  11. plj46

    Kook filter ? why would the people that no longer feel comfortable going to Mexico be kooks ? do you consider any of your charter customers kooks ? just asking.Mexico is getting a shitty rap because of what goes on there.Playing by all of their rules does not guarantee a safe and extortion free trip.Best wishes for a safe trip next time you go.
  12. MikeyLikesIt

    I agree with you.

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhh........lets keep telling them "it DANGEROUS! Don't GO!"
  13. Gil Marlin

    My worst trip to Baja was arriving at Gonzaga after 2 days on the old dirt road with no ice. There was no services in those days so we put the beer in a dive bag and lowered it down in about 30 ft. of water for the day. We swam out at the end of the day and pulled it up... it had cooled down nicely to about 80 degrees!!! Warm Tecate is awesome...:rofl:
  14. Surfdoc

    I'll withhold comment for now.......... enjoy, and remember to stir the pot at regular intervals.
  15. Fishybuzz

    hey Stan sent you a pm......
  16. MinnesotaPhats

    I figured "kooks" were those who stayed away, maybe hadn't done their research, not as those that have made the trip and decided for themselves. . . .
  17. MinnesotaPhats

    A personal "thank-you" to all news sources for keeping Baja UTR.

    P.S.. Please tell my mom to stop worrying!
  18. nordic flyer

  19. nordic flyer

    Great Tip! That will never be a problem again.
  20. yellowklr