Pride trip this Saturday

Discussion in 'Southern CA Private Boater Offshore Trip Planning' started by 2MAYEtoes, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. 2MAYEtoes

    Who's going? I don't have to work on Sunday so I'm thinking bout going. Any BD'ers on this trip?
  2. @-EZ

    What areas are they going to scout? Any idea? I might be down for a boat ride.
  3. spike

    I may go, I just need to do some more Jedi mind tricks to the wife.

    I do know Greg is going no matter what, 1 angler, no angler, the boat just needs to start the season.
  4. 2MAYEtoes

    I dunno where but it soinds like fun. Especially if you two knuckleheads go.
  5. 2MAYEtoes

    OK I'm going for sure. Hope to see you guys tomorrow!
  6. Danny

    All night trip?
  7. 2MAYEtoes

  8. 2MAYEtoes

    6pm to 7am-ish
  9. Carl

    You should trade shifts with the person working Sunday to lock in the 22nd...:D
  10. CCR

    i might go tommorow but not for sure yet! i went once in february on a WSB trip, we did not catch anything but sandbass and once in jan for lobster and got a few, but i really think the PRIDE is awesome boat. good crew cool captain good burgers. anyway if i do not go, i wish you the best of luck! report back and let us know how the fishing was!!
  11. 2MAYEtoes

    Why? Will you have you extension by then?
  12. harryo

    Hey Cristin, the conditions are right. Full Moon, it's got to happen sooner or later. Maybe this time? If Greg can't find them, no one can.

  13. ib12fish

    I want to go:)
  14. morfius

    damn. wish i could make it. nothing more liberating than getting schooled by a fisherchick who's supercool. g'luck
  15. 2MAYEtoes

    Come on Tommie & And bring Heather. There is plenty of room on the boat! And since I'll be passenger I can drink beers with you guys this time :D

    Here's the link to reserve your spot if anyone is interested. Note this trip is a definite go.
  16. spike

    My wife wants me to go, Sancho must be in town.

    Cristen are you cooking?
  17. Captain Curt

    Good luck boys and girls.............I miss early hunting.


    The boat Hanna...........
  18. 2MAYEtoes

    No! I'm fishing & :hali_olutta: :D
  19. spike

    Oh, good, I won't have to bring my own food.
  20. moezmoe

    Any report ya all? Happy Easter