presa el carrizo tecate Bass fishing

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing' started by KingFish_20, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. KingFish_20

    Does anyone have any info about Presa El Carrizo in Tecate Mexico? I might head down there and check out the Bass fishing if its worth it.
  2. stacy morrison

    I use to belong to the Mexican bass fishing club 10 years ago. I started fishing that lake Back in 1990 and fished it until 1999 when I moved to Temecula, the fishing was excellent my biggest was 12.2 and my best day ever I had 5 fish over 10lbs. walking the shore. you can float tube there and or bring your boat but I would go down there and scope that out before I brought my boat PM me and I will see if have have the phone number to the president of the club.
  3. KingFish_20

    Cool I sent you a PM... I'm not sure if it worked.
  4. stacy morrison

    it Did not work, I checked to see if I had the # and I don't. the guys name is Alejendro Romandia he has a law firm in TJ, you could also drive to the dam and talk to the Dam Keeper, they might help you.
    Good Luck, and let me know how it works out!!
  5. condor

    hola, me presento en este foro,

    yo soy aficcionado a la pesca de lobina, desde ya ase muchos años

    y pesco principalmente en el carrizo, en unos momentos mas les pongo toda la informacion para los que quieran entrar al club de pesca.

    gracias y saludos para todos:)
  6. condor

    saludos, para los que querian saber

    los telefonos y direccion para tramitar los permisos de pesca,

    para pescar en el carrizo aqui les pongo los datos,

    saludos y que tengan buen dia


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  7. keolani

    Its been about 10 yrs since I have fished it but all I can say is that my best bass fishing ever came from that lake. My friends dad had connections with one of the bordering land owners that let us put the boat in and every trip was wide open on the largemouth. Even when we walked the shoreline it was epic I have seen the water level at different levels so it was easy to pick structure and high spots and drop offs Most of the time had the entire lake to ourselves and when there was other people they were flinging rattle traps tied to a coke can and handlining back to shore. Like I said its been awhile since I have been there but I cant imagine it has changed to much.
  8. condor

    Keolani hello!

    is not changed so much, grab a few days remove some hammocks,

    but even that barrier has good bass fishing whenever you want to come

    we agree and we, among prey this week alone, the weekend if there are many fishermen,, cellular 664-116-29-35 I put some pictures of how the water level at this time

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  9. condor

    excuse my English, which is September to copy what you write, and bring it into the translator, and the same ago with what I write, thanks and a big welcome.
  10. nellie

    :Death_To_Above: Wear your FLAC JACKET!
  11. condor

    hi nellie,

    is 'jacket' you mean the life jacket??

    if you use the picture of pontom, at that time had no vest

    but thanks for the recommendation, and I had an experience, very bad, save me from drowning because I fell about a friend who knows as it iso but I reached to put the vest,

    thanks and a big hello nellie
  12. nellie

    Amigo..........................I love Baja, I love Baja Fishing, Been going there since 1950.........Try to get up here for some of our ACTION and STAY SAFE down there.
  13. VITO

    bienvenido Mario!!!
  14. condor

    I think that all we fish in, in our dreams this fish in the Sea of Cortes coast, especially in green water bay, fishing dorados a mile from the coast, so I also love the low,

    saludos, nellie
  15. condor

    gracias vito,

    aqui andamos tratando de hacer nuevas amistades,

    oye una pregunta, lo que e traducido del español al ingles si se entiende,

  16. VITO

    Mario, your doing good!! I understand your spanglihs well!!
    saludos hahaha
  17. Alex FR


    Thanks for the Link Condor and nice blue boat heee,

    My first fishing day in Carrizo was with Condor, good guy, friend and a lot of expereiced.

  18. nellie

    Condor.....My Favorite place in Baja.......Gonzaga Bay, Alfonsinas, the Palapas, Punta Finale and THE FISH FRY on the beach....Will be there in May. We have 2 boats stored at El Rancho Grande to get off shore....keep posting your good stuff....Saludos back at you!
  19. condor

    Nalli hello,
    Gonzaga bay final tip, potato fernandes, good fishing spot,
    recommend re, green water bay, 3 hours ahead of loreto, kayak gold is my favorite place, it hurts, which is 15 hours from Tijuana, I put some pictures, and been in big ranch, they sell very expensive, nellie, they are now making the road from Mexicali horn, bahia Gonzaga, and Gonzaga pole, bay of angels, so that let's go fishing, jajajajajajaja

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  20. condor

    hi alex. if you are well my pontom,
    when you like, I quickly, so that, see that is very different fishing from the pontom,
    good, that we, visits here, I hope, see you more often, sorry for my English, I know, it's not, well, copper, made win

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