Port Aransas,TX june 2-3

Discussion in 'Anywhere Fishing Reports' started by Bret, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. Bret

    Left Dallas thursday headed to Port Aransas with my cousin, Jason Lost one crew to employee shortage. So We headed out at first light friday to small but choppy seas. made the decision to head to Hospital and later regretted it. Anyway made it out and the current was opposing the wind, with 12 oz of lead I had a hard time getting a bait down. Jason had one bite but it got off. tried a couple more bottom spots with the same result. Trolled all around hospital to southern with nothing to show. It started clouding up and realized that a band of showers off of that low pressure sys that was heading to south,tx was bearing down on us. So we headed to the barn. Day 1 El Skunko... Oh well, no fish to clean.. Saturday , Had a new crew, Jason decided to Puss out and stay onshore. so Scott, Pat, and Dale joined me. Left the Dock at 6.25 and made it just short of baker around 8 and found a nice weedline. we put out the spread and trolled around for a while, there were a couple of boats allready working it. no luck on the troll so we started chumming up some dorado.. They had lock jaw, only pulled two off of it. headed out to another weedline a few miles closer to baker, bait and chickens everywhere, We chummed here and more dolphin.. Oh wait.... I hear shark!!! no shark but two really nice ling. Dale had his penn 650 spinner and immediatly hooks up with the larger of the two. He brings the fish to the boat and we go to gaff and he gets loose.. the line is wrapped around the gaff.. SNAP!!!!! We were all bummed... We lost a really nice ling at the gaff....Oh well thats fishing... I talked to Coastal on the radio and heard that we werent the only ones having a hard time.. I only heard of a couple of boats doing well out of port A this past weekend. We trolled past another weed line and headed on towards baker. We see something floating.... it was a mooring bouy that had broken loose. It was loaded with chickens and a few really nice bulls. We throw everything in the tackle box at them and only pick up 1 more. It was 1pm so we headed for Falcon. We find some more weedlines and finally the long birdie goes off Pat brings it in. a nice 15-20ish bull. We are feeling a little bit better... Troll around and pick up two more on the daisy chain. I did have something nail my tunaclone spreader bar and take off with it. I was very surprised, as it didnt have any hooks in it. It came off. It is now 3.45 and we havent had a hit on either of the ilander/ballyhoos combos. We start heading for Port A and make a couple of passes at one of the Baker rigs. Cuda..... Cuda... Reel em up! lets head for the house!..... Ran in to calm seas at 31kts and never touched the throttles until we hit the jetties. I had a great couple of days on the water. Total tally 1 bull 4 chickens 2 cudas.

    Dorado1.jpg Dorado2.jpg
  2. squirtis

    Nice, that looks like REALLY CALM conditions for water out of Port A.
  3. captamb1

    For this time of year that is flat, looks more like August thanks for the report oh out here (CA.) chickens are albacore. Some times I really miss Port A. then I remember how hot and sticky it gets and those damn B52 mosquitoes. Let’s see it has been 34 years since I left Port A.

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  4. Bret

    It has unseasonably calm for the past couple of weeks. There have been lots of marlin, wahoo, a few sails and tuna , and even a couple of swords on overnighters for those that ventured out to the good rips.
  5. squirtis

    I am coming through at the end of July, hope to get out while I am down there....

    let's see, wahoo sounds like fun actuallygunz gunz
  6. Bret

    It ought to be good then.. too. The blue water came inside the Jetties this past tuesday.. kind of freakish conditions this early in the year.. There were wahoo and dorado caught within 5 miles of the jetties and kingfish being caught up to a mile and a half inside the jetties... However, the prevailing southeast winds kicked up and stirred it all up again..
  7. squirtis

    hopefully a tropical storm doesn't ruin it...

    My buddy is a second capt on the dolphin express at dolphin docks in port a.

    Of course if you are going to be down there I will gladly ho.....:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  8. Bret

    Hey Man, Pm me before you go to Tx. I might be in Port A at the end of July..... and If I have a spot open you are welcome to go..
  9. squirtis

    very cool Bret, thanks..

    I leave for my wedding in the virgin islands on thursday.......so look for my usvi fishing report in a week or so...
  10. captamb1

    Dam man we did not get to go out! Have a great wedding and keep intouch we will get together sometime and kill some fish.gunz gunz gunz