Port Aransas Reds

Discussion in 'Texas Fishing' started by TROB, May 19, 2007.

  1. TROB


    drove down from Austin last night fished this morning for a couple hours, ended up with 11-14 reds, and one speck...plastics and fresh dead perch. will be here til tuesday.
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  2. la vida

    Nice going on the reds
  3. coryellk

    Nice report. I miss wade fishing for redfish and speckled trout. It's hard for SoCal anglers to understand just how much water access is in Texas. Hundreds of miles of shallow intercoastal bays, and sandy grass flats full of shrimp and every game fish that eats them. One can fish for 12 hours straight and never see another human being!
  4. dewers@race505.

    Love fishing for reds and specs, going to POC later this summer for a week for some great wade fishin
  5. squirtis


    If ya seem some crazy bastard on a cycle that looks like the marlboro man looking for trouble,.... say hello to my dad for me would ya, he lives in Aransas PassLOL LOL LOL

    Can't think of the name of the area, but head NE from the main causeway leaving aransas pass for port aransas about a mile on the mainland side, really good area to drift fish em;

    Also near the ferries area is an old lighthouse, and I mean old....about 1/4 mile away from it to the north is a nice hole about 20 feet deep with very shollow quick sides..another great spot for trout and reds, plus your right near the deep channel and this time of year there is no telling what will blast in through there, crap I have seen 8 foot hammerheads chasin chit in ther before....

    Have fun man...and tell Marcus Squirtis says what up!!
  6. TROB

    yea we stayed at the Days Inn in AP. but the mom's neighbors showed up and now we're at port royal.....kinda yuppie to me...
  7. Pope

    I will be up the coast a bit from you tearing them up on the flats over Memorial Day weekend. I doubt the crowds will be as light as what you are talking about, but I hope to triple your catch by the time I brake for lunch! What colors were you throwing?
  8. TROB

    fresh dead and that purple chartreuse with a lead head
  9. reelnaclt

    Gatta agree!! Galveston, Freeport, Matagorda, Rock Port, etc. Miss this abundant fishery. Seafood gumbo, stuffed flounder, fresh shucked oysters (with beer), blue crab and shrimp boil. enjoyed the report.

  10. coryellk

    Across the street from the Port Royal is the huge blue water tower to the island. Park under that, walk west (towards Corpus) through a third mile of grass and VERY shallow flats to Shamrock Flats. Its an often overlooked and rarely wade-fished flat with deep interlocking channels (some unknown defunct housing scheme) that hold fish no matter what time of the year. I have slayed a thousand trout and a couple hundred reds in that flat (using Corkies and chartreuse jigs with pumpkinseed/chart swim tails). It's probably about a half dozen square miles of fishing.

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