Port Aransas 5-20

Discussion in 'Texas Fishing' started by TROB, May 20, 2007.

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  1. TROB


    windier than shit right now. fishing was slow today, ended up with a fuckin catfish that stuck me good with a peck fin, started to swell and get real sore within 10 seconds, pee'd on it....back to normal.

    going tomorrow morning, almost got stuck on one of the MANY highspots while going full bore. i almost shit myself when i could see individual grassblades. we're all good though.
  2. Pope

    Good luck in Texas. The New Lo-Ann is a good boat. Is Andy's dad still the captain.
  3. TROB

    no markus medak bought it 3.5 years ago. and yes that boat tears it up
  4. barracuda Killer

    how far do you have to go out before it drops off?

    BTW, Tom, please tell me that the lady holding the fish is related to you?
  5. TROB

    cuda, its damn shallow for like 5 miles or more. you could hit spots that are 10ft but we were constantly running in less than 3 ft

    as for the lady....c'mon, you see that fish? shes definately related to me....the mother
  6. alex88

    those hardheads suck ass, got stung by one last year in the nailbed of my finger. i wanted to chop it off. putting tackle stations in the front of the boat. we'll hit it up again when i get back from florida if the weathewr getys better. you better quit letting your mom outfish you or i'll never let you in MY boat again.
  7. JKimble

    nice fish Aunt Barb!
  8. bill2000

    nice red!
  9. barracuda Killer

    Tommy's mom has got it going on.
    bring her back out here and we will teach her how to throw iron. dude that is so cool fishing with ur mom. more pics, are you using crabs or shrimp for bait? try some gulp?
  10. Oolie

    nice to se that barb stil catch's fish.
  11. dougiestyle

    all the cuss words and that fish made front page, WTF
  12. AlbieBack

    Don't be sad that you never made the front page it will happen one day or another. It is not a big fuckin deal and if you don't like the cussing go back to kiddiefishing.com because this is where all the gay assholes hang out.
  13. AlbieBack

    Nice anytime you have to piss all over yourself has got to be a good time. Keep up the good work and watch out for those high spots !!!!!
  14. TROB

    cuda there's more pics on my other threads, that fish came from another day, and yea we used the gulp, read the other ones for a report on it
  15. JBeaver

    Nice red! Oh it makes me homesick to fish the bayous in Lafite. Now that sum fishin'. Laisez les bons temps rouler (Let the good times roll).
  16. jpr9954

    Nice redfish!
  17. Kingfish

  18. squirtis

    40 miles out is only like 300 feet deep there, it's crazy!!!

    Nice Red man, go get em'. by the way the wind blows there like 300 days a yearLOLLOLLOL
  19. Crankit

    Hey, TROB:

    Missin' So Cal yet?