Popped My WSB Cherry!!!

Discussion in 'Spear Fishing Reports and Info' started by FJHIII, Jun 8, 2007.

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    Words can't describe how amazing this experience was, after 4 months of hard work I finally got my fish.

  2. scorch

    Congratulations!! Looks like a good one. Give us some details?
  3. ghetto dad

    good job man!!! way to go!!!
  4. Spinal Tap

    Congrats on the fish. But really...4 months is a very small price compared to many I know.
  5. Tomol

    John, I brightened the pic. So we can see the fish and the killer a little better.


    Thanks Nate.

    Details are that I caught it at 7:30pm. Unfortunately, this area is not heavily fished and I can't jepordize the chances that someone else scares away these fish before I get back out there.

    I saw at 20 WSB yesterday, it was my first time ever seeing one. I have been diving for 15 hours a week since February for this fish, but I am a weekend warrior mostly so that makes it harder to hit the right conditions.

    I am in the Derby and my next WSB will be submitted, there were some trophy winners there yesterday.

  8. Spinal Tap

    For the longest time I thought only La Jolla had fish. :imdumb:
  9. Johnnyfish

    Congrats on your fish John.
  10. Carcharodon

    Yeah basically John got his first fish yesterday and I got my biggest at 53# :finger:


  11. Tomol

    Knock yourself out! Be sure to stop by Sea Esta's and say hello.
  12. rojodiablo

    53" is a nice fish. I don't think it went 53lb. You're not that big a guy, and I have been there with Richard when we have taken big fish. Using Rich as a reference, and you know I know, that fish is nice, but not 53. Check the scale. And.... bring me back my shafts!! I need them. Paul. Call me, I am around this weekend. 714-801-5514.
  13. Carcharodon

    BS, u can come check my scale urself.
    I can give u the shafts at the next meet at conty line if ur going.
  14. rojodiablo

    No, I need them before that. That's why I gave you my ph#. Call me. I am going to a job in San Clemente right now, we can meet up this afternoon.
  15. justintaylor

    i heard about your 67# WSB you speared today, FJHIII one hell of a fish. You went to the same spot as the one where you saw 20+ WSB, off dana point kelp maybe? You guys can't that far in jet ski.
  16. FJHIII

    Thank you for the compliment.

    I go to catalina on my sea doo and my buddy dave goes 50+ miles FROM SHORE, you would be surprised (wait until I start posting some of those pictures). It's all about Paddy Hoppin now. These sea doos have great range, plus I go 55mph. I hunt from Newport to Point Loma and I think that's the area that I caught my fish.
  17. justintaylor

    thanks for telling me your location.I'll have to keep that in mind.LOL
    i bet your location is some where around laguna. because the guy who posted your report on allcoastsportfishing.com said that you told him that your "spot" is not far from the harbor.
  18. FJHIII

    And I am sure that I was being totally honest, really.
  19. Carcharodon

    Dude what are you trying to accomplish here???