Popped My Q-Cove Breakaway cherry!

Discussion in 'Washington Saltwater Reports' started by Thrasher_1, Jan 23, 2011.

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  1. Thrasher_1

    After posting the other day that I had some problems with my breakaway flasher pin, Ken stepped up big time! Thanks again Ken for sending out all of the pins so promptly!!!

    I had heard so much about the QCove Flashers but I had only been able to fish one for about 30 minutes last year. Finally, today was my day to try it out, thanks to Ken sending my replacement pins! I also got a chance to take out my new Sage SA4120 after drooling over Blackmouther's rod for so long, mine finally got a chance to take a boat ride. Also, I just got done with my Rainshadow BP1265F from Batson and that got the maiden voyage this weekend as well. Nice rod for sure!


    We fished several places in the Juans today and finally the fish Gods shined down on us. We finished out our day at Eagle Bluff where there were about 5-6 other boats. I looked up and there was a guy trolling opposite direct as us and he goes for his rod and it's fish on. I muttered "fucking bastard!", out of jealousy...Then I look and my rod gets hammered as well! Immediately this fish goes apeshit! Made a few nice runs and even gave us a couple nice jumps!



    Finally get the fish to the boat, net, bonk....we got a winner!

    [​IMG] (I wasn't using an Irish Creme, I was actually using a coho killer, but I was fishing it again while I took this pic.

    See, coho killer in action..


    Immediately I could feel what a difference in the fight on these breakaway flashers. What an awesome product! Run after run, it was nice to not have to worry about that slingshotting effect that happens when the fish hits the surface. I LOVE that UV/Glow flasher!

    Thanks for the tips you guys gave on how to run these flashers. I'm a believer for sure! Thank you again Ken!!!

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  2. Quan

    Good work, Corey. You're always slaying 'em out there. I still have my Qcove cherry to break... I got 4 in my arsenal but it still bewilders me exactly how the pin pops when a fish hits... guess I'll just have to catch one and find out!
  3. Sammy Hooker

    nice fish Thrasher! Good to see ya out there sat :finger:
  4. Glad Wrap

    Way to go Thrasher.........there is one more on this site that needs to become a believer in Qcove flashers..........You know who you are!
  5. silver slayer

    good job on the fish. and how did you like that bp i got a couple 1024's nice rods for sure.
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  6. Tower Todd

    Nicely done! Qcove stands behind thier products like no other.

  7. dragonballs

    that's the way uh uh uh uh i like it. great job you will be hooked to these flashers.
  8. goatram

    good Job! and a good couple of pics. But when Flasher has the contest the one on the deck is a no go. The Flasher has to be in it!:finger:
  9. riverboat2003

    Ken always takes care of his customers, I wish some other companies would step up like he does.
  10. JKIII

    Another Q-Cove believer! Glad you made it out and found the confidence in those flashers, they are tough NOT to use now... Thanks for the report.
  11. rolltide

    I guess Im gonna have to break down and give one a whir'l.....Nice report.
  12. Pete1313

    I just met Ken at the show-- great guy - and he has a great deal going on at the show, which I couldn't resist - I bought 6 flashers from him. At the show, flashers were 9.99 a piece, and if you buy 6 you get a free flasher bag.

    He also has one out to show you how they work...really simple when you see it in person but harder to explain.....
  13. blackvelvet

    Nothing comes close to QCOVE breakaway flashers.......The percentage of fish that make it to the boat is substantially higher with QCOVE than with an in-line flasher, and QCOVE has all the latest and best color combinations.

    The redrum is a fantastic new model with perhaps more combinations on the horizon. Like this one-off bluerum, maybe soon to be in production.
  14. speyguy

    Hey Thrasher, was that about 3pm?....I'd been at the point/south since around 10:30, and trolled thru the bay and to the North around 3ish. I ran up to the north end of the bay, and there was a boat that looked like your's near me. I was in a 19ft Olympic/blue stripe by myself.....I was antsy, and headed away.....Probably lit up as soon as I left......Good job.....sincerely, Tom
  15. Thrasher_1

    That's about the right time frame.
  16. Alaska4me

    I have always wanted to try one of the break away frashers and after hearing all that has been said here in BD I think I will go for it. Are these going to be for sale at the sportsman show this week? If so, I definately will spring for 6 to get the bad free.
    Any recommendations on colors that seem to produce best?
  17. Alaska4me

    Thanks Troy. Taking notes as I type.
  18. Pete1313

    Just as Ken when you see him at the booth. Tell him you're a BD'er...He'll hook you up with the good ones.
  19. hybridcx

    thats what I did, I introdiced myself and asked him what were the ones I needed. ended up with 6 of his recomendations. and look forward to putting them to use once the steelhead slow down and I get back in the salt.

    I also got in a BIG BOX of BD Stickers... so we'll get those who do not have one, and if yours are tattered and shredded, come and see me to get some more....