Popotla panga fishing

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by rx1, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. rx1

    I went panga fishing a month ago down in Popotla with a couple of pangeros named Paz and Negro. They gave my friend their # but he lost his phone. Does anyone have any contacts down there? I don't want to get there too late and not go out.
  2. Gil Marlin

    I don't know...
  3. aguachico


    do you have any pics of the landing? I've always wanted to stop there and eat some seafood. Give me some info and I may stop and ask for your pangueros
  4. richpride

    I have beet their many times and never had a problem finding someone to take me out. The key is getting their early. Good luck.
  5. rx1

    Thanks for the responses. We went yesterday and found Paz. He hooked us up with Negro's cousin. The fishing wasn't that great and the pangero sucked. He had another group go with us and then tried to overcharge us. We did find another pangero for next time so at least when we go back there will be less bs to worry about.
  6. Mo Betta

    Ask for Tacho or his brothers, its been awhile but they are good guys.