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Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by PescadorJim, Oct 10, 2008.

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  1. PescadorJim

    Seawatch is becoming a little more active and following the confiscation of two fishing boats that were loaded with dorado has decided that it is now time to send an e-mail blitz to the Mexican Government to begin working of the Repeal of Shark-Norma 29. Please click on the URL, fill out and e-mail a letter in. This could prove to be a start in the right direction. Without a repeal you can pretty well expect the death of fishing in Baja waters.

    Sea Watch | Stop Commercialization of Sport Fish!
  2. Ali Admin

    Done. Great post.

    Step up and do this people!
  3. Afry

    Done - thanks for the heads up.
  4. Marcus

  5. Tues

  6. gecsr1

    done..... easy and well worth the effort.....
  7. PaDDy Killer'

    Done, hope they can do something before it too late.
  8. Null&Void


    That was easy.
  9. DBN

  10. 2 Hands

    Took me just a few seconds...
  11. gonsurfn

    Just do it. Only takes a minute and may help!!!
  12. Kingfish

    Done !

    While I was down there this week read an article in The Gringo Gazette, showed a hold full of dead Marlin. Sick pic !!!
  13. labayfreak

    Done lets hope it helps
  14. Who Farted

    Nice call dude.
  15. pfish


    Done. Great idea! May I suggest you copy your post over to I know there many would complete the e-mail. Thanks for posting!

  16. aguachico


    sent a pesonal note understnading the needs of commercial fishmen, but pointing out the fact the unregulated commercial fishing will devestate the area and the tourist dollar is needed.
  17. Big G

  18. locobro

    Great idea, let's do this.
  19. vinsp

  20. GRUNT0369