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Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by aussiefisho, Jul 23, 2011.

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  1. aussiefisho

    Hi B Deckers,
    Had some good feed back on fishing line from a previous post.
    It is obvous that we all have our likes and dislikes.
    Some for very good reasons and some for fickle reasons.
    Yet, even when these preferences, good or bad are taken into consideration,
    it is my considered opinion from the feed back, most serious fishers use top notch first class line because it is exactly that. First class line.
    The fact that most fishers know a good line when they use it prompts the question.
    Can you buy PLATYPUS fishing line in USA?
    Platypus is a 100+ year old Australian company that makes fishing line.
    (Still in the same family name, ownwership.)
    I have been using their braid, fluoro & nylon since getting into this wonderful pastime of fishing.
    My favourite is Lo-Stretch, a nylon line that thinks it is a braid.
    Should anyone know of the line being available, I'd love to know, as I am just as proud of what we produce as you are of what is made in USA.
  2. Sactotuna

    You very much have my attention here my friend!
    Tell me about Game Leader and Hard Alloy Leader, specific application would be 200++ pound (90 kilo) tuna.
    I'm ALWAYS looking for something better, and had heard or read some little tidbits in the past but could never find out anything.
    Please tell me your thoughts about these lines as short (25ft or 8 m) leaders.
    (We can talk about how to get some to to me in the US later. It's nowhere to be found.)
  3. aussiefisho

    Good to hear from you.
    Firstly, you are in a league well above me.
    The Game leader & Hard Alloy leader, I have never used in the ratings you have mentioned.
    Hard Alloy (nylon) in 40 lb breaking strain is the only one I use as a leader for surf fishing.
    Never used anything bigger.
    The Hard Alloy is easy to knot & tough as nails. Holds knot strength extremely well & breaking strain is true to label.
    High strength/stress value when working rough seas, turbulent/abrasive sand conditions & small rocky outcrops.

    The Stealth leader I spool as main line.
    Use 4 or 6 lb on my 2-6 lb ultra light rod. No need to put a trace/leader of fluorocarbon on the end that others would need to if they are using braid, as it is already on as main line.
    When using braid I slip a Stealth leader on in the 15, 30 or 45 lb range to suit the fish being chased & the fishing line rating.
    That does not tell you a thing about the 200 lb you mention.
    Do know I have no connections with Platypus, I recieve no payment from them.

    I can only say that in my dealings with them via email is thay have been extremely good with tips & recomendations when I have sought their advice.
    You might like to keep a watch on Bloody Decks, as 5 members were lucky enough to get hold of some line from Platypus through me as a thank you from me. Might see some feed back/comments.
    Sactotuna, if and I say if, if you would like me to pass your question onto Platypus for them to contact you, then I would be happy to assist.
    Let me know what you want.

    Can tell you this much, they are straight shooters & no bs.
    Hope that has been a little bit of help.
  4. aussiefisho

    No ditribution in USA.
    I should tell them that with our FreeTrade Agreement, we should be in to
    the US market.
    Hell, if almost every US manufacturer is selling to us, why aren't we selling to you.
    As a Bloody Decks member, I am happy to help you one to one.
    As already mentioned. Let me know & I am on your case.
    Just ask Good Wraps Bob, he will tell you that I do not mind helping when & where I can.
  5. Cheney

    I received a couple spools of the Platypus line. While I haven't had the chance to use it yet, it does boast a smaller line diameter which it lives up to. The 12lb line I received has a 0.011 diameter rating, where Berkley's Big Game 12lb has a 0.014 size. Doesn't sound like much? 0.011 is the size of Berkley's Big Game 8lb line... The 10lb Platypus line has a diameter of only 0.008 which is equivalent to Berkley Trilene's 4lb test.

    While I'm impressed with the small diameter, I still need to test it's strength and abrasion resistance.
  6. aussiefisho

    I had no idea that the line had a smaller diameter than the Berkley.
    Guess that is why I am still a novice fisho.
    Main thing is you are pleased.
    Let us know how you get on with strength & abrasion resistance.
    Maybe, just maybe this 100+ year old fishing line manufacturer has got something going for you.
    Us Aussies have known about it for a long time.
    Thanks Cheney.
  7. aussiefisho

    Email to you with greater detail sent 25/07/2011
    For Platypus fishing line purchases go to or for that matter, anything different to the US market place.
  8. gupppy

    I received some 30lb braid. I too have yet to use it. My initial impression is that it is very smooth. I can't wait to see how it casts. Will check back when I put it to use!
  9. hbfishing

    I've used the Platypus Pre-test mono. Found a few 1/2 pound spools on the shelf of a local tackle store about 10 or so years ago. Liked it alot and really liked knowing what the line tests out at. Good knot strength, little memory, good abrasion resistance and generally a good feel to the line. Oh, and it got bit well.

    I would buy it again if I found it in the states.
  10. aussiefisho

    Google MOTACKLE and you will find a top Aussie supplier that does online sales world wide.
    Google AUSTRALIANMONOFIL or PLATYPUSFISHINGLINE & you will find all their products & tips on what to use for the fishing you do.
    Hope that helps.