Pismo clams a long way from pismo

Discussion in 'Surf Fishing' started by mellopudn, Feb 18, 2011.

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  1. mellopudn

    My dad is in town from SLO and he has been clamming from the time he could walk at Pismo beach. He has not seen a legal clam for 15 years. I took him to C#%^*+#*. we park by the high rises in the rain and we got 17 clams with one fork. I've never seen a 63 year old man so giddy. He ate one before he could get out of his wet suit. Were going back tomorrow. I think he is going to visit more often.

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  2. sdfishkiller

    Loose lips sink ships, hit the edit button and remove the C word.

    Be stoked you know, don't share with 65,000. Or we won't "see a legal in 15 yrs" too.
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  3. mellopudn

    As long as the sea otters don't log on we will be ok. Those furry little bastards will make the clams go extinct.
  4. sdfishkiller

    You must be new.
  5. dalurker

    also, a quick note: bear in mind, with rain runoff so do all the pollutants which wash into the ocean. clams are filter feeders and will take it all in.

    use caution and enjoy 'em!
  6. osidefishin

    What is the legal size/bag limit?Ive always wanted to try clamming but dont have a clue..
  7. plj46

    you should be worried about people not sea otters,the clamming area wont have clams if you tell the internet where you got em.im assuming you know this is not the best time of year to be eating those .
  8. dalurker

    i believe it goes like this:

    4.5" on the pismos @ 10/person
    1.5" on cockles @ 50/person
    i just use the gauge... there are other types of clams out there so DO YOUR HOMEWORK on the DFG site.

    amen to that!!

    more than the time of year, attention needs to be paid to "conditions" I.E. run off,:shithappens: sewage spills,:_diarrhea_: water temps, red tide, etc...
  9. the hook

  10. Surfdoc

    Ok.......you pulled me in on this line........???????

    Outside of the runoff problems from the rain which is a given, but nothing a few good tides won't cure.

    WHY is this Not the time of year you want to be eating Pismos ???? And what in your opinion is the right time of year ??

    Maybe I've been doing it wrong for 30 years.............
  11. Capt. G

    Come on, Stan.
    You of all people should know that you should not eat clams in any month that has a vowel in it.
    I think it is you that have been doing it correctly for the past thirty years, and somebody else that is pulling leg.
    Come to think of it, I too have been doing the same as you for the past 27 years...perhaps we are both going to die.
  12. mcrae

    The internet ate all my fish. It is bad.
  13. The Piper Lee

  14. TonyH54

    Yea, this is a fishing forum, you can't be divulging info that might be useful to other seafood lovers. :finger:
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  15. punchie001

    yep keep it to yourself, we like those things down hear. not too many people doing that... lets keep that way...
  16. plj46

    I guess im wrong on eating pismos,its safe all year long.Red tide and sewage from TJ are completely harmless,surfdoc you should have a double serving next time mmmmmmmmmm good.Maybe you could tell us where the spot is.There is plenty of those for everybody right.
  17. menpachi123

    Last time I ate pismos, I had to have my stomach pumped. Enjoy!!!!!!!
  18. Swarthy Dago

    thanks for all the info, i'm excited to go get some