Pinheads at newport landing

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by Cali_King, Apr 11, 2012.

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  1. Cali_King

    So i heard that in the summer Newport Landing lets you fish for free in exchange for cleaning up the boat back at the docks. Can anyone confirm or deny?
  2. makohunterz

    I did it for a trip or two, best thing to do is pay for a few trips get to know the deckhands, maybe bring a jigstick for them, then ask... or give me a jigstick and ill get you on a trip
  3. Cali_King

    yea i talked to phil doin a half day on tha aggressor he told me about it
  4. jake3759

    Mainly they will let you fish for free if you give them a jackpot or two.
  5. fishinkid2010

    Maybe I am reading this wrong but are you suggesting giving a jigstick to a deckhand in exchange for free trips?
    Not sure I follow your business model here, considering the last jig stick I wrapped for a customer was over $300 and a half day boat costs around 50 bucks after galley, jackpot etc. Might as well just pay your way at that rate.
  6. jake3759

  7. Trayscool

    Give me a jigstick and ill take you on a 1/2 day private charter on my Parker LOL
  8. 2MAYEtoes

    Try finding a boat that allows crew fishing (not just hook & hand) and work for them. Best of both worlds, free fishing and some $ at the end of each trip.
  9. makohunterz

    didnt mean for A free trip i meant to build a friendship and convo with a deckhand making it a lot easier to get on a few trips, and the last jigstick i make cost me $75 bucks
  10. makohunterz

    PM me during lobsta season
  11. Lone Shark

    Wow trying to pinhead on the internet lol. Now I've seen it all. I just remember getting my first try after fishing with mike thompson on the amigo paid I believe and then after chatting in the wheel house going back out next trip free ride but with cleaning duties. Dont remember if it was from giving up JP or if its cuz he knew my pops. All I know is I almost cleared the galley when I poured acids instead of bleach into soap on accident lol. Swirled back and almost killed everyone in galley. If u do pinhead dont assume ask questions haha...btw doesn't hurt if u can be capable and self sufficient catching fish. Kind of a job resume imo
  12. Trayscool

    fool YOU pm ME during lobster season. :hali_olutta:
  13. Cali_King

    how much in straight cash
  14. TurdRoller

    Yeah I thought that was pretty the same time I can't knock the guy for trying to go fishing.

    The pinhead thing is a touchy subject. All the boats I have done it on in San Diego do not allow jackpot for me, or any other free riders, (apparently boats to the North are different about that). I bought a lot of tickets before I started looking familiar. Also I helped anywhere needed, didn't fish the stern, and I would hook and hand to kids as often as possible.

    It's also kind of something they ask you, you shouldn't ask them
  15. Trayscool

    throw down for gas money homeboy
  16. jock

    I had an annual pass on the Western Pride for 3 years, during which time every jackpot I won went straight to the crew. Got me real close with them and by the time I was 15 they had me working. I loved doing it, made a lot of really solid connections and I got to fish a lot.
  17. Cali_King

    yea im down for a 3/4 to catalina
  18. bus kid

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  19. BurningHeart

    Can I just pm you during fishing season? :rofl:
  20. Trayscool