Pig Bomb

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Rubberhook2, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. Rubberhook2

    For those of you not watching the Oscars the Discovery channel at 7:00 is airing a special on the explosion of wild pigs across the U.S. called "Pig Bomb".

    Should be interesting...
  2. widgeon

    Thanks for the info. It's about to be on.
  3. FishinArmo

    Thanks for the heads up Tim, i live in san fernando valley and its showing at 11:00 pm for me.
  4. fishingkid

    thanks should be good.
  5. ConSeaMate

    Good show so far........bad ass dogs......
  6. gpomplin

    crazy hillbillys..
  7. MadBeaver

    I really want to kill some pigs now!
  8. srfnkill

    Thanks for the heads up....

    Did they say 700lbs and only 3.5 feet tall!!!
  9. widgeon

    A little over the top, but fun to watch all the hogs and dogs. Now I'm hungry.
  10. gpomplin

    I havent gotten that close and I dont intend to, will stick to the 308, dont need to be close enough to use the 45.. them fuckers will eat ya. dont know if these out here are that bad, and dont intend to find out...
  11. widgeon

    That would be great practice for my trip to Africa... being charged at close range by something that can fug-u-up. Maybe only in my dreams, who's to know. The first :oinker: I got ( avatar photo) Was definitely handgun range. I'd say 25-30yrds would be no prob with my .44 mag wheel gun. THAT would be exciting!
  12. Rubberhook2

    Lots of drama but that is typical on the Discovery channel. One thing looks certain...hog hunting should only get better.

    I have been very close to them while archery hunting. When sneaking in on a group of them what gets hairy is after the shot they all scatter in different directions at full speed. Getting run over is a concern as their vision is terrible.

    I have killed all kinds of pigs with some looking more feral than others but some definitely have a eurasion look to them...

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  13. widgeon

    WOW! That is a nice hog. Very "Euro" looking. I like it. I hope the hog hunting gets better. Not that it's that bad, but if I could shoot 2-4 of those every year on public land... I'd be a happy man.:oinker::2gunsfiring_v1::food-smiley-014:
  14. aeon

    sometimes them big pigs get scary looking. The old man shot this dude was shot in Texas and he was a fucking werewolf.... his feet are almost on the ground and my dads 6' tall
  15. Rubberhook2

    These hogs were raised in Canada and are pure bred eurasions. The fur has much longer hair than the feral pigs common in California. These came from one afternoon of hunting at the Cedar Canyon Ranch near Tehachapi.

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  16. widgeon

    Yeah, that is one nasty lookin critter. That's when you show up to private property and say " Good evening sir. We are here with the Beauro of fowl and dangerous critter management. We are going to have to check your property...." ;)

    i know they are bad for the enviroment.... but i would like to be able to get 1 or 2 a year as well.... and be pretty stoked

    i think the more densely populated they are in an area will cause them to be more agressive... just for competition reasons...

    but i think in a few years there will be a pretty healthy population out here
  18. widgeon

    Beautiful specimens Tim! Do you have any hog mounts? I still want to ( and don't you all go runnin off with my idea) Get a wild pig skin and make a football out of it. Hair and all. That would be a sweet trophy!
  19. widgeon

    Unless Gary shoots them all!:rolleyes: As soon as I get a chance, I'm going to go do some scouting, but with all the turkey hunters out there... maybe I'm better off to wait until after the spring season.
  20. Rubberhook2

    Only had one mounted but there are others I wish I had because they had a unique look.

    Here is the before and after of the one that I had mounted as well as the one I regret that I did not...

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