Pictures how we eat.

Discussion in 'Hawaiian Fishing Forum' started by tsutomu, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. tsutomu

    Maybe we can keep a thread going about what our catches looks like on the table? Here is a couple to start:


    Breakfast of fried Akule and Kinilau.

    Kona crab poke!

    Anyone else want to share??
  2. grander007

    nice...ohhhh no - the feds are gonna see this and start regulating what we catch...just kidding...

    great idea & tight lines,
  3. BuonaForTuna

    wheres the Spam?
  4. Kareem Korn

    That looks good. Those crabs look trippy. Like a cross between a sand crab and rock crab.

    Thats a awesome breakfast and Kona crab poke is a first for me. One day, one day!
  6. jagerhunchback

    more like regulating what you can cook and taxing you for any "restaurant quality meals" you prepare in your own home. im off to put my tinfoil hat back on.:rofl:

    those crabs look like giant ticks! that brekky looks killer
  8. dausualinc

    Moana Kali, da bugga was mops!
    btw I saved the dashi and made the meanest saimin afterwards

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  9. beauchat

    Kekoa, hoo thats a beast MK.
  10. Kolina

    Who got to know how hungry we are getting! Can't take it anymore! Nah Just playing. I have two Weke Ula's I going makem ladat! Aloha Walt
  11. Monster Mike

    Looks great from here in Phoenix, Arizona! Thanks for sharing that great looking sea food!
  12. fishnsoldier

    Put that on some dry ice and send it down to Ga, I'm missing some serious local grinds....
  13. hiloboy

    HOOO talk about some "BROKE DA MOUT GRINDS"! Auwe!
  14. Mingo

    Here's what happened to most of the ahi and mahimahi we caught on my recent trip to Panama......heh heh matter where I'm fishing, I always live by one simple like a maniac and EAT LIKE A HAWAIIAN!!!!

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  15. cheehuli

    Nice spreads boys. Nothing like local food! Cannot beat the Asian and Hawaiian fusion we got going on where else. Now I gotta eat sumtin.
  16. Sofia Rose

    Sushi platter

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  17. tsutomu

    yo Jesse, the spam is mainly for when we don't catch fish. I've been eating a lot of spam lately.

    Moana Kali is my favorite goat fish, got to try the saimin thing next time. Tell you the secret way to steam fish, you not going to want to cook it this way but once you do you probably won't make it any other way. Put it in a glass or ceramic dish cover with wax paper and MICROWAVE it!!
    3 mins usually long enough.
  18. Sofia Rose

    Cold poached salmon from Catalina Offshore Products!

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  19. grander007

    anyone got good pics of smoked marlin - all I got left is this bill of a 400 #'er waiting to get mounted...the beer is asahi black / made in japan it is ono...

    tight lines,

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  20. cheehuli

    Ho Garett das da one! My Nana used to make moi and mullet like that. Comes out so ono.