Photos From Mag Bay

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by fishermensfleet, Nov 18, 2012.

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  1. fishermensfleet Advertiser

    Our ability to send large pictures back and forth from the boondocks is limited, so here's some from the last three weeks. It's a blast fishin' The Mag.

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  2. BajaConcept

    Very nice picture, good job on the catch
  3. fishermensfleet Advertiser

    Our crew, Bobito, Kalex, Juan II, and all do a great job, and it's a great place.
  4. DoubletroubleII

    Nice pictures.......along with some really good catches!
  5. jmacallister

    Thanks to David, Captain Chris, Mate Kalin, Juan Carlos and Alfredo for a highlight reel-type trip. Final tally for two old guys: 4 grouper, 5 wahoo, 5 yellow tail, two pargo, one marlin and assorted other species that wound up being released or recycled as bait. Great weather, super food, and cold beer. What's not to like?
  6. Ali Admin

    Wow. Very nice. Some of the best eating fish you can get.
  7. pele

    The big dark one isnt Black Sea Bass?Excited to fish there next week for the grouper.Supposed to school up this time of year.
  8. Captain Juan SQ

    youre silloett of the mon and the boats is outstandding,wow,thanks for a great report and fotos.
  9. saravonshep

    Awesome pics and fish. Gotta variety of fish, what a catch. That last pic of the moon and boat is it.
  10. fishermensfleet Advertiser

    Between the hot fishing action and the peaceful evenings, that says it all for us.

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  11. FAT CAT

    Nice David. Those are some great catches. Also good to see some super bars in the background.
  12. fishermensfleet Advertiser

    Gato, Yep, we use them all the time. One of Chris' favorite combinations is the meatball bars with some of Roddys' (Legend Lures) high speed jigs in the chase bait position. Capt. Hayes has got a line of jigs that has a conical protrusion (that sounds painful) coming from the front of the jig head, the line goes up through this cone, and it acts to streamline the lure a bit, allowing for stable running at speeds above 14mph. I've forgotten the name of the line of lures, but I'm sure that their on his website. Marlin, wahoo, tuna, dorado eat 'em up when you use the two together. Take care down there amigo.
  13. FAT CAT

    Thanks David. I know the lure you're referring, but don't have one. I've been running my lures (marlin type) behind the bars with great success. A tip from Dream Weaver, Ramon, down in Cabo.