Phenix T46 K2 7'1", nothing fancy

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by jaycook, Mar 12, 2012.

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  1. jaycook

    Not much to show with this one, but it's the only one I've been able to finish in the last two months...stupid job. It's a 7'1"MH K2. Split Fuji seat and turned split EVA. I try to get a slicker finish on my EVA but can't seam to get that polished look that yall do, tried the acetone rag and everything. Still looks pretty good though. Fuji titanium sics, non-micro. Just some simple black wraps with gunmetal trim. Was hoping to get under 3oz, made it easy at 2.75oz. I'm trying to talk my buddy into getting a Steez to put on it but I don't think he is and he aint getting the one in the pic. The whole rig would come in at 8.75oz. I would like to put some color on one of these but that blank looks pretty mean with just black.

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  2. bass_blaster

    Damn, that'll git-r-done. Really clean build.
  3. bassmandan

    Might not be fancy, but it clean as skeeter's peter!! Stylin' build Jay!
  4. tightlinemike

    Love those Phenix blanks. Nice study build.
  5. tloucks

    Great job. That look is classic and always will be.
    I love the looks and color of the blank.

  6. Wiseguy

    That one is nice! I like that blank!
  7. J.AkuHed

    Nice! Simplistic elegence, my friend!
    That K2 blank is one hella light blank!
  8. archer300

    Clean and light weight
  9. pdrug

    shit, the grips look pretty damn smooth to me. Nothing wrong with black on black. That blank is bad ass looking too. talk about light weight. Killer job man
  10. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Like the rod, but your avatar creeps me out
  11. FAT CAT

    Nothing wrong with that. Good work Jay.
  12. Capt Richie

    Great build ..2.75oz just sick
  13. DocSki

    Very nice lite and clean looking build
  14. YT Addict

    Damn that is nice! That's why so many people like a murdered out stick because they look MEAN! Very nice build.