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Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by snappy, Jul 3, 2011.

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  1. snappy

    I have a couple phenix rods and was wondering what you guys are pushing these rods too. The first being a 760h that I have fished only 30 on, has anyone tried 40? Next is a 700XH that I have fished 40, but was wondering if it will handle 50 fishing the rocks on some of the larger models. Any input would be great.

  2. J.AkuHed

    The Hybrids' PHD760H has a line rating 20-60# can easily be pushed to 50#, however the sweetspot would be 40# and the PHD700XH, 30-80#, can be pushed to 60# but its comfort zone is 50#, These Hybrids have a lot of backbone and can be pushed to the max.
  3. snappy

    Thanks for the reply. Have you fished them at this or are you just going by the rating?

    Anyone else?
  4. ShadowX

    It depends on your drag setting. This article sums up the issue very well:

    The Phenix rods absorb shock very well based on my experience using them. I have not pushed them to very extremely high drag settings on the reel. I prefer not to have high drag setting with spectra since it will cause the line to dig into the spool. You will just have to try the high drag settings and make the decision yourself. You are approaching the rod's limit when the rod no longer flex even though you apply more force. You don't want to be at the upper end of the rod's rating since any additional pull on the rod may cause it to exceed the limits and fracture. These high modulus rods are very brittle and any nicks on the blank may cause it to snap due to stress concentrations.

    The picture below for a JAWS blank shows what the curvature of a typical rod under high static loads. I just wouldn't be comfortable fishing in that stress level on the rod even if the rod can handle it.
  5. J.AkuHed

    The Phenix Hybrids have a lot of back bone and fish beyond their ratings n most cases. I have built a few PHD700XH's and that is what clients fish their Phenix's. I have pulled the the PHD760Hbut have not built one, don't let the light weight fool you under a load it is a bear.
    I am working on a Phenix PHD760X2H, rated 40-100#, the rod can easily pull 80# even 100# and still have some balls left.
  6. hdz805

    Friend of mine used the same one that I have Phenix hybrid 869xh (30-60) in Mexico..landing close 200lb bluefin on it...
  7. J.AkuHed

    There you go, proof positive the Phenix Hybrids are strong ass blanks!
    PHD869XHm 30-80#
  8. bass_blaster

    I agree. I have a 760H, 700XH, 809XH (all hybrids) and I would fish all of them with 40-lb line and above. I've fished my 760H with 50 because it's the un-sanded version and almost as stiff as my 700XH but 90% of the time it has 40lb. But like Jim said:

    760H: great for 40, can do 50

    700XH: great for 50, can do 60

    809XH: great for 40, can do 50 (if you can hold a long rod with high drag). I had to as I hooked and landed about a 50lb BFT on my 8-day earlier this year on this rod with a trini 20A. Rod was great and I'll be building another one.
  9. hdz805

    It's actually 869xh 25-60 rating...
    And I also have a 15-40lb hybrid.. Landed a couple 50lb mud marlin....really thin rod.. Phenix rods have been really good to me
    So far..
  10. ahistick

    Sounds like the Black Diamond...Anymore details on an catch? A 200lb bluefin is an amazing catch no matter what the circumstances...but on a 8.5 foot rod? Details would be appreciated...and I'm sure Phenix would love that info too :hali_olutta:
  11. J.AkuHed

    The Phenix Hybrids are built from a woven carbon fiber and Kevlar, because of this the construction is more like a fiberglass only much lighter and much stronger. The Phenix Hybrids also have the same action as glass so are not subject to the same severe hoop collapse as graphite rods. This makes the Hybrids the best of both constructions but lighter and stronger.

    The Jaws blanks are specialized jigging blanks so are more parabolic, while the action of the Phenix's are a progressive bend much like Seekers.
    You shouldn't compare the Phenix Hybrids and the Jaws rods.

    hdz805- the Hybrid designations of "XH" are rated 30-80#; the designation of "H" are rated 20-60#
  12. hdz805

    nope its not 30-80

    see pic down below
  13. ahistick

    Looks like another label error....just like how a few decals had the famous "hybird" error....the XH hybrids models are 30-80 per the Phenix 809XH is 30-80
  14. J.AkuHed

    I stand corrected with your rod. Subsequent Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD869XHs are 30-80#
  15. hdz805

    Idk cause some
    One else told me that so I called up phenix when I got it And they said it's correct.. Maybe it's a type o online..
  16. J.AkuHed

    Typo some where. . .
    All the Hybrid "XH"s I have handled at Phenix have all been 30-80# and the "H"s have been 20-60#, just sayin'. . .
  17. wleebull

    (Sorry for the font, I copied pasted from another post and this is how it turned out)

    I've noticed Phenix uses two stated Line ratings on their rods, one for mono and another usually higher number for braid. I understand the differences in characteristics of both types of line but would like to know the reason for this. Can anyone explain why braid ratings seem significantly higher than mono? I would think a higher rating would go to mono because of the stretch of mono and less shock attributed. Please explain. Is there anything I'm missing?

    This photo JPR Rods Posted on another thread in


    If you notice on the Phenix picture the MH phenix is listed "30lb-80lb Braided Line 50-120lb"
  18. OmanGT

    Howzit Jim just ordered 2 PHD760X2H for popping here in Oman. Eager to see what they are like.
  19. J.AkuHed

    The Phenix Titan series Jigging and popping blanks are used by fisherman who use Japanese PE braided lines and metric weights, which rate their lines with 1 number, e.g., PE5, Rated this way, the braid strength varies from line to line. The line rating for PE5 generally is 10X the number meaning 50#, however, line rating for PE lines are by diameter for capacity, not necessarily the breaking strength and varies from line to line, e.g., one PE5 line with the same diameter as another PE5, .370mm but break from 60# to 86#
    Line rating on American rods are all about what line can be used on the rod with out breaking the line.
    The example that I have is a Titan Popping Special, TPX760H, rated 30-80# (mono) 40-130# PE6-10, Meaning it will take mono line from 25# to 80# but will also take PE lines 6-10 rated from 40# to 130#.
    Putting it simply, it is either or, mono or PE braided line.
    On US braids, they are more towards breaking strength and no capacity, so it an American rod has one line rating of 30-80# You can use either 30# or 80# in either mono or braid.

    Does that make sense?
  20. wleebull

    I understand PE lines and use on my jigging setups.

    What I don't get is the two different line ratings (in lbs) in addition to the PE line rating (listed below)

    Please see pics

    All The best,