Pesca Panama---2/13-2/17 fishing

Discussion in 'Panama & Central America Fishing Reports' started by mma, Feb 19, 2012.

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  1. mma

    I just had a great week at Pesca Panama, a trip hosted by amiable Richard
    Castaneda (CassTours). We had 8 of 11 returners from our 4/4/2011 trip.
    There was some concern at the start of the trip, about the lack of reports/
    relatively slow fishing in the area, the past few weeks.

    For starters, the weather was near perfect, food etc., on the barge,
    and the employees attitudes, were great.

    I fished with Lucho/Chi Chi. the mornings for the first 4 days, we were at
    Hannibal bank (Montosa seemed very,very quiet our week).
    The bank came through with 5 sailfish, and 3 blacks (~ 350, 400, and
    600lb plus). All 3 marlin put on fantastic fights, jumps, and hour plus battles :) One sail was ~ 125, and the others ~ 80-90 lb.
    Near shore fishing was good (not wide open) for quality cubera, and
    amberjack at Coiba/Jicuaron, at the afternoon of each day.

    One boat was really dialed in on Hannibal (capt Tito), getting a black and
    a blue one day, followed by 9(nine) sailfish the next (12 bites)

    Some boats concentrated more on in shore fishing, and did well.
    Yellowfin? Spotty. Two nice ones were caught, ~ 120and 150lb, but
    most were school sized, and many porpoise schools were either
    without tuna/none hungry tuna. however, those caught, were mostly
    on poppers, and I got some up to ~ 65 lbs.

    porpoise were a definite issue at Hannibal :(, as was two commercial
    boats anchored on the high spot, for 3 days......

    At our steak dinner Friday, in Panama city, 10 of the 11 of us planned on
    a repeat trip 4/2012.

    (gotta figure out how to post videos and/or photos...............)
  2. tap BD Writer

    Glad you guys did well during a "slow" period! Cass always runs an organized and fun fishing trip whether the Tuna Coast or Coiba.

    Tony Peña
    "The Roving Angler"
  3. karlk1125

    Great report Gary! Nice to see a report from someone local!
  4. bosco

    Gary, PM Sent bosco
  5. MrPat

    Thanks for the report. We will be fishing with Pesca next week. I'll post up.
  6. mma

    ok, i cannot link youtube here, but if anyone is interested, please
    Youtube search "B lack marlin,Hannibal bank, 2012" for videos
  7. MrPat

    Just got back from Pesca Panama. We had a great trip even though the Marlin did not cooperate. The bottom fishing was on fire. We could get a Cubera Snapper any time we dropped. Had many in the 30 to 50 pound range with one at 65 pounds.

    Tuna was available. We got 15 on poppers one afternoon. They were crashing top water lures without hesitation.

    Bonita is there for the taking, but other live baits were hard to find, so no Roosters for us.
  8. tap BD Writer

    Pat, the biggest roosters are often caught trolling live skipjack (bonita) near the rocks. Good you had some action!

    Tony Peña
    "The Roving Angler"