Pesca Panama 03-11-2006

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    Pesca Panama fishing week March 11, 2006

    Hello from the Tropics,

    Casting, casting and then some more casting!!! This week Pesca Panama welcomed French Casting enthusiasts Raphael Cavaye, Gerarad Le Boinnec, Gilles Bobinnec, Jacques Hohberg, Paul Esteve, Patrick Henry, Eric, Lavvray, Jean Micheal Goapper, Antoine Douphy-Marron and returning guest Jean Pierre Lecomte.
    Arriving with the best of spinning gear and dozens of top-water lures, all of this weeks anglers had the chance to see the Coiba region in prime form!! For the second week in a row, huge schools of ravenous tuna have been schooled up, just offshore of Jicaron island. The aggressive Yellow Fin; ranging from 10 to 200lbs, provided a casting paradise, exploding on top-water lures testing both tackle and stamina. Each day of Tuna casting produced up to 30 fish a boat upto 150 pounds. Stories of monstrous "unstoppable" Tuna that parted lines, broke rods, and smoking high end reels dominated every evenings converstion!!! Fishing with Captain Ben, Antoine was properly introduced to Panama offshore casting when a 200+ pound Tuna inhaled his plug on the first cast, first day!!!!! The battle with the monster Tuna was short, but memorable as the line came tight against the heavy drag on the Shimano 20000 and the 100lb spectra parted with a "crack"! Welcome to Panama Antoine, now you know what we are looking for!! Fishing with Lucho, Eric was happy when we landed a 152 pound Tuna on top-water. Fishing with Bartolo; Patrick, Paul and Jacques had a great day fishing landing dozens of Tuna with the largest at 110 and 140lbs! Jean Pierre had an amazing catch when he landed a 150 Yellow Fin in under 5 minutes!
    Inshore top-water fishing was also "wide open" this week!! Big Rooster Fish, Cubera Snapper, Amberjack, Mullet Snapper, Rainbow Runners, Wahoo, and schools of aggressive Jacks attacked plugs and tested gear from Isla Parida to Jicarita! Gilles returned smiling on the fifth day of fishing "Four poppers gone to Cubera, this place is where poppers come to die," he replied as he explained his exciting day inshore fishing. Raphael was also happy landing a 40 pound Amberjack on the fifth day. Jean Micheal had great luck with the Cubera landing several, including a goliath 50 plus pound fish on top-water! When the smoke cleared at the end of the week; the crew landed in excess of 40 Cubera Snapper, 8 Rooster fish and uncountable jacks. What a week guys!

    Gerard made a statement on the last night saying that everyone in his group arrived to Panama with individual dreams and anticipations........"they all were realized and surpassed"! Congradulations on a great trip guys we look forward to seeing you all again!

    Check out the Pics For the Week

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