Pesca Panama 02-03-06

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  1. Willy'Z



    In every fisherman’s life there are days that stand out as being well above average, days we dream about and aspire to repeat – While fishing with Capt. Travis; avid angler and Pesca Panama regular, Harry Lowell had an outstanding day this week landing a 420lb Black Marlin and a 270lb Yellow Fin Tuna on the first day!!!! Congratulations Harry!!

    Harry’s great day set the pace for the rest of the week which included; Harry’s son Hobie, and Pesca Panama regulars Jim McCord, Mark Roy, Steve Dinkel, and globe trotting Gorden Brauninger!

    The afternoon Marlin bite was on at Montuosa with all of the boats fishing the area seeing multiple strikes every afternoon. Hobie had great fishing landing a 350 pound Black Marlin on day three and a super feisty 300 pound Black on the fourth day!! Steve also had great luck offshore landing several big sails and a bulldog of a Marlin estimated at 450 pounds! Although the crew concentrated on the Marlin and tuna fishing offshore, all the boats had “incidental” catches of Dorado and Sails!

    The inshore bite varied from island to island, but the bite was defiantly “on” at Jicaron and Mark’s “secret” spot on Coiba! Casting, Jigging and live bait fishing produced great catches of Amberjack, Cubera, Grouper, and Roosterfish! Although the Cubera got away with several of Mark’s poppers he managed to land some beautiful fish to 49 pounds!! Jim also had some good luck casting, landing several Jacks and a Cubera Snapper! Steve saw dozens of fish on jig, bait and top-water inshore fishing one day at Jicoron!! The real surprise this week was the great Wahoo fishing Mark found fishing with captain Bartolo at Isla Secas landing four Wahoo to pursue Cubera snapper; but Mark claimed "the fish were thick” and he could have continued catching!

    Great week guys!!! Congratulations again Harry for your great day, and Steve and Hobie for your first Marlin!!!

  2. Weazel

    Great pictures!! That place sounds awesome.
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    nice report, pictures are sweet.
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    Keep em coming!!! Great report.
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    Awesome Pics.

    I've got to get down there.
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    Nice fish.
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    Must suck having to fish so hard.
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    great trip:appl:
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    Let's get JT and Shrek off their arses and go check it out.... one day!!
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    Phenomenal report and pic's, thanks.