Perch'n VC 4/30/12

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fly Fishing' started by flyfishthesurf, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. flyfishthesurf

    Hit the wet sand for an hour this morning and found a honey hole. Pulled 20 perch out of it on 26 casts, most around 8 inches but nothing bigger. Found another spot and got a few bigger ones but nothing over 11 inches. Waves were somewhat large where I was but the outgoing tide kept them manageable.


    I used a ION 6wt, 6lb leader, red checkerboard and an Airflo Type 7 Sniper sinking line. Back at it tomorrow in the am.
  2. Hamachi_Kama

    sweet! Perch fishin rocks.