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Which reel for overnight to 3 days

  1. YTS

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  1. bradmaralbacore

    alright so im thinking of getting a new penn reel. i hear the new baja specials are real sweet, but would i rather have a YTS? ive heard they match pretty well, or am i better off with the 4/0 and a tiburon frame? lookin to use it for some jigging and for swimmin the bigger baits.
  2. 1:11

    Considering the price, Id buy a used YTS (good condition). There are plenty around and they do NOT command top dollar. Bet you can find one with frame and gears for $100 or so.

    i have a yts and like it but i fished a baja on my 5 day and im gonna buy one....they are sweet yoyo reels!
  4. hucklongfin

    The Baja Special is a better reel than a YTS. But you look like you've been around for a while if you use a YTS! I prefer my PG 540's to my YTS. My YTS started with an old maroon sideplated 113H, a matching Tiburon maroon topless frame, Pro Gear handle, Newell 4:1 gears, smoothie SS yoke and abec 5 bearings. I sold my 113H w/Tiburon frame and 4:1 gears.

    You can do fine with a Torium 20 or Saltist 40 w/300 yds of 65# spectra topped with 40-50# mono. My 540's are the width of a Tor 20 but with the capacity of the Tor 30 due to the deeper spool and slightly greater diameter.
  5. SpecialK

    I was at Bob Sand's in San Fernando Valley today and they have a Newell YTS for $100. Just an FYI in case you want it.

  6. Dusty

    I recommend a Baja Special, great reel. Right out of the box 40, 50 ,or 60# mono with no upgrades needed. I use one on my Ulua, and another on my 665h. 100# yft no problem. I am one of those guys that neglects the hell out of my gear and just serviced two of mine a couple of weeks ago, and when I opened them up there was very little corrosion. The drags have never been changed and are still in great condition after being a hook and hand reel on my boat. Both reels have caught hundreds of fish. The only draw back is the wieght, which in my opinion dosen't matter.
    I think charkbait had them on sell for $169 or $159 not sure.
  7. Weazel

    The only downside of the baja special is the "star" drag adjust breaks and a friend of mine had his pinion gear strip. It was an older model so maybe the new ones are better.
  8. screaming_spool

    newer ones have a metal star drag wheel and a stainless pinion
  9. Blender02

    Do you go to Rancho or Vista? If you go to Rancho you can come by my classroom and I'll bring both of mine in and you can compare the two. I'm in room 603.
  10. WreckinBall

    Baja Special. Lighter, topless, better drag, smoother. Really good reel for yo-yo fishing. I love my YTS's, but since I got the 113HN they don't get used much anymore.
  11. 1:11

    i have two YTS, that ive had for years. Now that I have newer Avet and Shimano reels, the YTS are for nostalgia. Cant get much for them so why sell it. Thats why the YTS is a good buy. The baja Special is surely a better real hence the price, but for that price, id rather fish a torium 20 or 30. Similar drag, nice ratio, lots o power. Dependable. Cheap.

    Ive used my YTS on plenty of long range trip. Caught tuna to 80# and wahoo to 70+#. Also got a 9lb calico on a mack on my YTS. If you go with a YTS, I suggest Newell bars and base (if you can find) in conjunction with a Tib spool (nice lip for your thumb). I prefer this one over my totally tibbed YTS.

    Good Luck!!
  12. dumptruck

    Baja there new, reverse the harness knobs, remove the right side plate and rotate c-clockwise to put the handle away from the but this gives you more comfort, feel the difference in drag strength... Long Beach Fisherman's hardware has them on sale for 125.00 get spectra/ or dacron to fill it up, sink it with a short top shot of flouro 50 lb. on 65 spectra.
  13. alantani

    i have to weigh in favor of the baja special as well. even if you grease the drag washers, you still get 25#'s of drag.
  14. tackle junkie

    Long Beach Fisherman's Hardware has them for $149 as of Wednesday of this week. You can't beat that price. I don't even need one and I plan on picking one up.
  15. 1:11

    Wow, thats a smokin price. I thought the Baja Special was like $225-250. Yeah, at that price between the two Id go with the Baja. Shoot, i dont need one either but for that price im thinking, why not, im a ho.
  16. hucklongfin

    They used to be that much. I think they were dropped to $179 after the Torques came out. $149 is still a killer price for a great reel.
  17. obx_captain

    :eyepoppin They don't have a website do they? I'm over here on the east coast. I'm not in the market for one either but i will take one at that price.
  18. Blender02

  19. hucklongfin

    Call them...

    Fishermans Hardware
    16942 Gothard St # B
    Huntington Beach, CA 92647
    (714) 841-6878
  20. dumptruck