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Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by DouGR81, Sep 26, 2010.

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  1. DouGR81

    On the Penn Senator 116 (12/0), is there a way to increase the tension of free spool? Or, is there a way to lessen the drag when in retrieve? When I loosen the drag as light as it can go it is still too much tension for what I'm doing.
  2. AKSalmon

    The end bearings on the 116 are not adjustable so you really can't change the free spool. You can reduce the low end of the drag by removing a tension washer or grinding down the spacer under the star.
  3. fishnazzi

    Another idea would be to take both end bearing off, clean all the grease out and re lubricate with hot sauce. The penn lube is very heavy has the tendency to get kinda "waxy". The hot sauce and a good cleaning could be what you are looking for...........
  4. mchawk

    If you want to increase the freespool tension you want to do just the opposite.

    Clean the grease out of the bearings and use a higher viscosity or thicker grease,
    or you could add a shim inside the bearing cup.
  5. fishnazzi

    Dam I thought he didn't have enough free bad. Easy fix for that loan the reel to guy down the street........when he brings it back it won't free spool.............
  6. kobra

    LOL!!! Ain't that the truth?
  7. DouGR81

    Lol, thanks fellas