Penn Levelline 350

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by halilob1984, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. halilob1984

    I'm new to casting reels, and i just bought a Penn leveline 350 off ebay. everything seems to work but I am unsure of whether the spiral bar is supposed to spin with the spool when reeling in? and also I'm not sure if i placed my line in the correct position along the spiral (if this is how its supposed to be done)? I'm sorry if these are stupid questions but this is all new to me. Thanks. I'd appreciate some help.
  2. CALCOfshr

    Yes and yes. It is supposed to rotate. Thats how the reel works. Sort of a levelwind without the little "cage" or vertical bars, to guide the line. The line is supposed to go over the rotating bar so it levels the line for you. FWIW....thats why God created us with thumbs. ;)
  3. AKSalmon

    The spiral bar turns only when you are reeling in the line; not when the reel is in free spool. The 350 Leveline is a neat reel -- but also very dated. It has the same drag washers as a Penn 209 and a slow (3 to 1) retrieve. You'll also find it hard to get parts. If you need a level wind reel and like hour 350, get a 209. Better yet, look at a Shimano TR200-G. It's comparable, only $59 new, and a much smoother reel.
  4. halilob1984

    thanks for the advice. greatly appreciated. i will look into the tr200-g.