Penn Baja Special Reel Service

Discussion in 'World Of PENN' started by keelkemper, May 2, 2012.

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  1. keelkemper

    I have four Penn Baja Special Reels that are in need of a good service after my last trip to Baja. I know I could do the work myself, but that would not be playing into my strengths. Where is a good reputable place to send them off to be professionally serivce or maintained. Nothing broken, they just need a good clean, oil and maintenance. Thanks
  2. screamingreel

    Ken's Custom Reel in Oceanside ~ 760-967-7335

    They do excellent work!

    - Jeff
  3. richardblufin

    Squid co San Diego. 15bucks,plus parts drags etc. Best PLACE IN TOWN.THEY WON'T TAKE YA TO THE CLEANERS.
  4. dan1

    Might not be economical to send it to CA for service. You can service it yourself. These reels are really easy to clean and re-lube. At least open the reel and see for yourself, if it's too complicated then you can always send it in afterwards.
  5. tunanorth

    The 113HN's are very easy to do yourself, but the main Penn Service Center in Philadelphia can definitely handle it for you.
  6. falconer

    All excellent suggestions. My experience is with with Squidco and Penn. Both are top notch.
  7. 2strokepoke

    mahi tackle in huntington beach, ca. good shop, fair pricing
  8. plj46

    He lives in Maine.Service them yourself,a Penn reel is just about the easiest reel to take apart and clean.
  9. alantani

  10. NachoOne

    I recommend you check out the Alantani page, it is easly to do and really will make your reel better than new. YOU CAN DO IT!