Penn/Accurate 99 MAG

Discussion in 'World Of PENN' started by Stryker20, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. Stryker20

    What is a full accurate 99 mag worth?

    99 mag side plates
    Accurate frame + spool
    Stock 4/0 guts
    Accurate 3 pos power handle

    I'd assume it would be worth more with the 4:1 gears and stainless guts, but in that shape, what do the masses say?
  2. gareth

    Well, I just sold one with 3.25:1 gears on Ebay for $270. That would be a pretty good indicator of what the market values it at.
  3. hucklongfin

    Those were always rare so are collectors items. My version is a ProGear 545!
  4. Stryker20

    Funny shit.:rofl:

    I bought that fucker!

    I was just curious as I've only seen one other one sold on ebay that was a 500 MAG.

    I remember it going for 300+ but don't recall if it was 4:1 or not.

    I couldn't build one myself for that, even IF I could find the sideplates.
  5. gareth

    Yeah, pretty funny. I purchased it for about the same price about a year ago (and never used it). So they are retaining their value.
  6. Ready4TheYellow

    That was my Black one and yes it had 4:1 gears.

    I sell alot of reels on ebay under yoyopenn.
  7. Stryker20

    So, it is not going to be a display queen.:finger:

    These things were designed to put in WORK, and thats exactly what it's going to do.

    Since I already have my bait rigs lined up and swimbait stuff put together, My plan for this one is as follows:

    I feel like after last season, having an overkill bait stick on board is a must for when the fish start chewing the paint off the lower unit and you don't want to waste time screwing with lighter bait rigs. Tournament stuff only.

    I was looking to pair it off with a Calstar 670H and more or less use it as a jackpole with a heavier bait hook. Kind of an unfair advantage to whack em and stack em quicker and keep the numbers up on a bait stop.

    I was looking at the Seeker stuff, but it seems like the Wahoo sticks are my only option. I like the Grabowski Black steel rod, but have never handled one.

    Currently have the reel torn down getting a stainless sleeve into it, 113 drag washer in place of the original fiber, and a general maintenance sweep. I spooled it with 300yds of 65lb solid, and topped with 50 mono.

    So whats the recommended stick to fish a good 20lb setting in a 7ft model with a good bait tip?