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    this item was just posted on the " " website.

    Courtesy of the BajaWesternOnion - Our neighbors to the west

    Fuel Overcharge In Guerrero Negro - Everyone traveling north and south be aware of a situation at the PeMex nearest the flag in Guerrero Negro. It's the one located just north of the entrance to GN. They are, once again, shorting on the amount and overcharging by 10 pesos per litre. I questioned the man in charge and showed him all of my other facturas. He shrugged and said it was because of the higher cost of cargo. We wondered how come the one just north of that PeMex was totally full of vehicles getting fuel and yet when we drove into the one closest to town it was deserted. We thought perhaps he was out of fuel. He said no. We should have kept going right then.
    to avoid this situation, there is at least one other pemex in the town of guerrero negro. the other station mentioned is in jesus maria, approximately 36 miles north of guerrero negro on mex1.

  2. DawnPatrol

    I think we filled up at the cutoff to Asuncion (Vizcaino?), that is south of Guerroro, no problems there
  3. scoop

    I have had fuel filter clogging problems from filling up at that Pemex station on my diesel f350 on more than one occassion last year. Also, a friend with a Toyota pickup complained of loss of power after filling up there on one of the trips that I had to change my fuel filters. I avoid that station at all costs!!!
  4. Surfdoc

    We've known about the problems with thi station..

    The suggestion is fill up at Jesus Maria about 25 miles before GN or Vizcaino... these are both outstanding stations.
  5. mattbush

    x2 on Jesus Maria
  6. MateoFeo

    F that place. And always bring your pesos to all stations south of SQ, the exchange will always set you back more than you'd think.
  7. dwaynesda

    Same thing at my place in San Quintin. The only station that gives the correct amount is the one south of town down by Los Pinos tomatoe farms. I have 15 gallon barrels that have measuring marks in liters and they are always correct.
  8. MikeyLikesIt

    thank you. where is that in relation to the turn off to don Eddys?
  9. bajabum

    Haven't stopped there in years, got a lot of water in their diesel also. 10 pesos per liter is about $3 per gal. Quite an overcharge.
  10. DawnPatrol

    Yea Dwayne, that Pemex right next to Los Pinos is a very fair one
  11. DawnPatrol

    Mike. Its south of the turnoff for the old mill by about 3 miles or so. As soon as you go over the river/bridge just north of the Los Pinos hot houses and residential for the workers look for it on the right. The Los Pinos packing plant is right behind it. ,Its fairly new, maybe about a 2 year old station
  12. billklaser

    I have a F-350 diesel, put a transferflow 98 gallon tank in bed, give me a total of 136 gallons, with a 2000 mile range, leaves many options down mexico way. Have found over the years, many stations overcharge! Thats the Mexican way. . . .
  13. dwaynesda

    South of the turnoff about about 10 minutes.
  14. Surfdoc

    Also the Pino's Pemex has a fantastic selection of Tequila's to choose from !!!
  15. Salmonator-215

    What do you guys think of the Rosario PEMEX?
  16. rex

    They screw us here they screw us there hey lots of action
  17. Surfdoc

    If you mean the El Rosario Pmex, I've heard rumors of problems... but just that only rumors.
    Never had a problem myself.
  18. Mo Betta

    EL Rosario Pemex at the bottom of the hill? Ive had no problems. The owner Antonio also owns the Baja Cactus motel right next door.

    The Pemex in Villa Jesus is where I would stop if I needed fuel after/before that long run. Look for a little shack called Carmelitas for Tamales and right behind that one is a great place for Tortas.
  19. Salmonator-215

    Yes, I was asking about "El Rosario PEMEX" at the bottom of the hill in El Rosario. I have not had any problems there either, just wondering what others thought about that station. Our next fill up is usually Vizcaino.
  20. pfish


    They have the best tamales in the Baja! One of my favorites. I always stop and get 8 of them for about 4 bucks. You even have to spit out the seed in the Olive. True authentic!