Pegasus or Ultra Info?

Discussion in 'Southern CA Private Boater Inshore Trip Planning' started by bajatex, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. bajatex

    Do any of you have experience with either of these boats? I am trying to decide on which 1 1/2 day trip to go on. Both of these boats work as far as timing of the trip goes. thanks for any input.

  2. DrySack

    Go on the Ultra.

    Go fish with Whitey on the Pegasus, one of the best fisherman down there. This is the Ultras first year down here. If you can fish on the Pegasus, book it.
  4. Shogunsc4

    I haven't fished the Pegasus BUT always wanted to. Heard nothing but excellent things about them. However, I have fished the with just 8 other people kicks ass. Brian, Doug and Jesse are the shit!
  5. bajatex

    Thanks guys but your not making the decision any easier which is cool with me. Sounds like they are both fishy.
  6. Shogunsc4

    how many people do you want to fish with?

    Easy decision. Fish with the guy who has been kicking the shit out of tuna for the past 10 years on the Pegasus. The Ultra is a bitchen boat, but you can't beat experience offshore. Plus the Northern boats get all bent out of shape when we fish Clemente in the spring, but we are suppose to welcome them during the summer down here?
  8. Vinny1

    I fished the Ultra out of 22nd St in July. Hit SB Island & Catalina, not much action that day. Decent crew, 9 anglers. Bunk room is small -- I got stuck with the "coffin", just a square opening that you slide into. Wouldn't want to be on that boat offshore when the weather is up, so I would go with the Pegasus, even though I haven't fished it yet.
  9. bajatex

    Thanks again for the input, I just booked on the Pegasus.

  10. grumpy

  11. bajatex

    Well I sure am glad I chose the Pegasus. This boat had the best crew I have ever had the pleasure of fishing with. The food was fantastic thanks to Otis(sp?). The deck hands, Brian and Scotty were the coolest most patient guys I have seen on a sportboat. We ended up stopping the boat late in the day for 2 stops of Insane WFO albacore fishing and they handled it like true pros. I will fish this boat every chance I get if there is an opening. Thank you to everyone that gave there input.


    You are welcome! Thanks for riding local.
  13. Dupree

    I was also on this boat for the first time with my son Riley. Met Tex and his brother Ron on the boat and we hit it off right away. All of the other 13 passengers were good guys too.

    For most of the day we scuffled and scratched our way to about 30 tuna - mostly YFT/Albie and one BFT (all nicer grade models). But our skipper (Jason?) kept at it and he went the extra 20 miles or so to put us in a new area just before dusk. That's where we found two suicidal schools of Albacore (although my 1st baitfish on the stop was 25#YFT) and it was ON/WFO! I think we put 50-60 fish on the deck during that first stop. Forget flourocarbon - these fish bit everything - including the 80# trolling gear pitched 5 feet off the stern. It got to where it was nearly impossible to make your way to the bait tank there were so many fish on the deck.

    2nd stop was similar but the light ran out and we had to start heading back to Point Loma. I certainly look forward to fishing this boat again. Otis' meals were great - Chorizo Burrito, grilled Albie Sandwich, steak and baked potato. Also, I have a Customer Service story that I will share with you all later.
  14. Dupree

    So on Sunday I'm cleaning up my gear and it hits me - DAMN where's my backpack??? The one I keep all of my offshore trolling gear in???

    Thinking back I realized I had stowed the backpack apart from my other stuff due to space limitations. I call the Pegasus office - no answer - (afterall it's late Sunday afternoon) so I leave a voicemail message. Decide to follow that up with an e-mail sent @ 3:49PM. At 5:18, I get a reply from Joe Chait, the principal owner/skipper, "I'm looking for it". I reply, "Thanks Joe" (5:40PM). At 5:42, I get the following, "I am driving the boat this trip so I will bring it home with me on Tuesday and give you a call, Joe."

    I know our landings have a lot of solid operators, but I don't know how many skippers would take the time to find my gear and then report the results back to me via e-mail while they are driving the boat out to the tuna grounds. I'm not sure, but my guess is the percentages are pretty low. Anyway it's now Tuesday evening and Joe just called me and let me know that my bag is tagged with my name and phone number and locked up in a secure location waiting for me to claim it.

    Thanks Joe & crew of the Pegasus. Once again, your operation truly "exceeds expectations".
  15. bajatex

    Good stuff.
  16. bajatex

    Update: So It's about 2 weeks after the Pegasus trip and I go to grab my rods for a day out on the 18' aluminum and realize I am missing my TLD15 set up! WTF. I realize that I must have left it on the boat. I had 10 rods to keep track of because my brother didn't have his own gear. Anyway I call up fisherman's Landing and the nice gentleman tells me he doesn't see it in lost and found but he would make a call. he calls me back an hour later telling me he has it in his hand and to come on down and get it. Stoked.