Past couple of days at NPH! 6/5-6/6

Discussion in 'The Bass Fishing Club' started by Smokehound, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. Smokehound

    on the 5th, i had a problem and missed the first bus in the AM X(..

    When i finally got to the sweet spot, the tide was already on the way in.. >=(

    Some jerkoff was talking shit, acting like he's some badass fisherman, then I hooked up right when he finished vomiting hot air:


    His attitude changed and he walked away all pissed. hahaha! what a dick.

    Stupid YFC got between me and a nice fat sandie!:

    Came back the next day ON TIME, and hooked into a couple:

    haha I had to shield my thumb for the second one, but that didn't even help, its teeth went right through and still got me :rofl:

    Some douche on a dock says: "This is private property, Guys!" I could hear him talking shit, in case that asshole is reading this: Real men dont hide in a boat while they talk shit! Hahahaha Cmon I was like ten feet under the mean high tide mark.. Some people think they own the harbor.. pfft.

    The FUNNIEST part, was how they were all acting like talented fishermen, yeah right, posers, go get your live bait and cheat. >=]

    Halibut everywhere!


    I really dont like these Yum Wooly hawg tails, the rings get in the way, and the nose needs to be trimmed to fit worm hooks properly..

    I must say they do have a good attractant though, works better than gulp, and WAY cheaper! (2 dollars!)

    I dont get it, I've going here for years, and all of a sudden everyone's being a douche? I guess theyre getting forclosed on or something..
  2. BurningHeart

    Nice catches on the WoolyHawg.....I like it!

    Tell em' all to eat a big fat peepee!!!
  3. pescadormejor

    Nicely Done!

    Yum... Never tried them in the salt, I know the green bass love them...

    Thanks for the tip!
  4. Wiseguy

    Nice report and way to stand up to those fags and continue to fish!
  5. fishtrax

    wow.... I go fishing for fun! seems like a lot of hostility in these waters...
  6. Smokehound

    No way! The people in NPH are generally really really nice people!

    It's just you get that occasional douchebag that thinks he owns the fucking harbor. You know what I mean? Kinda like this lady: